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CES 2011: Microsoft Keynote Liveblog

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It’s that time of year again. It’s the Consumer Electronics Show, and will provide coverage of the massive tech event. And one of the big highlights of the year is the Microsoft keynote that is at the day before the event starts – and we will provide a live blog, keeping you on track what Redmond has to offer for 2011. Last year was predominantly gaming announcements, with the […]

Windows 8 reaches Milestone 2, according to leaks

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While it hasn’t been any secret that Microsoft is already at work in producing the successor to Windows 7 – the OS that happens to repair much of the damage of Windows Vista – but the stage of development of it has been so secretive, it can rival Apple. However, there has been a leak. A Russian website is reporting that Redmond has recently compiled a new build of a […]


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So it appears that Apple have introduced one type on insect into the iTune Store, MySpace gets in bed with facebook and is Microsoft Breaking Up? We also find out that the russians are making their own distribution of Linux and we find 100 naked pictures of people. Join in with Stewart, Tom, James and Chris with a long(ish) podcast, full of… well… who knows. You just need to listen! Download […]

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