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Zuckerberg to partner with Baidu to open Facebook China?

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Image: Sina (via Founder of Facebook and recent inductee to Time’s Person of the Year, Mark Zuckerberg, has been spotted in China taking a tour around Baidu; and now, speculation is rising of a possible Facebook in China, with the help of Baidu’s power in one of the largest markets in terms of users on the Internet. Baidu has been quick to downplay such rumours, telling that his meeting […]

Google might shut down China search engine

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A report in the Financial Times is reporting that Google is “99.9 per cent” sure in shutting its search operations in China after failing in convincing the Chinese Government in allowing it to show uncensored results. The shutdown, however, might take a few months as Google wants it to go through a process and to make sure its employees are protected from retaliation from local authorities. After publicly announcing that […]

Google, Baidu targeted in new Chinese crackdown on “vulgar” sites

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Officials from the Chinese Government have launched a crackdown on 19 popular websites that have been described as “vulgar”, which includes websites Google and the leading search engine in China, Baidu. Also affected by the crackdown include Sina, Sohu, Netease and Tianya. A group within the Internet Society of China claimed that searches on both Google and Baidu brought up results that linked to pornographic or obscene content; with officials […]

Baidu to overhaul search after medical scandal

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Baidu, China’s own version of China, has said that it will review and overhaul its operations on bumping websites to the top of its search listings after being accused of allowing unlicensed medical services to buy search rankings to win more customers by an investigation done for a state television show this month. "We have removed the key words of all four clients mentioned in the report and have begun […]

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