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Seagate announces new “Mac-compatible” lineup of external hard drives

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Seagate has announced that it will bring out a brand new line of external hard drives that have been designed to suit the Mac OS X operating system (or “Mac-compatible”, which we find is a bit misleading), and to allow users to connect this to Time Machine in order to backup or share digital content. The new drives will use Time Machine-compatible HFS+ file system out of the box while […]

Backup – the forgotten app.

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With today’s revolutionary technologies on Mac OS X, one application that has been around since Tiger and has remained faithful is Backup. This application was revolutionary when it arrived, providing powerful but simple backups to network storage, disc, iDisk or other external device. However, with Time Machine and more competitive software, Backup became the way of the dinosaurs. No more. Today, Apple released an update to Backup, rendering it version […]

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