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TECHGEEK Weekly 27: CES is driving us GaGa

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And we’re back officially. CES was in full swing, and we saw a lot of tablets, 4G phones and 3D from Sony. We also had crazy Harvey Norman trying to put GST on our purchases online, Facebook being valued at $50 billion and the Mac App Store launch – and hack. And yes, it is the first hour long podcast – and the only one as it seems. But, hey, […]

Audio-Technica brings out prosumer microphones for podcasters

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While the Blue Yeti remains to be one of the best microphones for podcasters, Audio-Technica is trying to get its foothold by releasing two new USB microphones at CES, both designed for music recording at home and podcasting – the ATR2100-USB handheld microphone and the ATR2500-USB and side-address microphone. Both have been designed for those who are beginners in microphones, but want to record in excellent audio quality – and […]