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HP’s CES 2011 Laptop and PC Announcements

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HP Pavilion dm1-3010nr (Image: HP/Verizon) While we covered the HP Pavilion dm1 already in a separate post, the company has released plenty of other laptops that should get some mention at CES. PAVILION DM1-3010NR & COMPAQ CQ10-688NR While having names that are very unpronounceable, the company is touting these two computers as the first notebook PCs to be on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The Pavilion dm1-3010nr will be less than […]

ASUS announces new EeeTop PC

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You would have thought the Eee PC line would have died when all those other manufacturers started to make their impact in the netbook market? Well, you’re wrong. ASUS has announced that it will make a new version of the EeeTop PC, called the ET2010 – which has some features that goes a bit beyond what you expect from the lineup. The ET2010 is only 1-inch thick and features a […]

Intel and Nokia to merge mobile OS to create MeeGo

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Intel and Nokia have decided to announce during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they will be merging their not-yet-finished, Linux-based mobile OSs into one – and they have called it the MeeGo. While we don’t know which parts of Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo will be dropped or present in MeeGo, expect this to be (according to the press release anyways) a variety of devices, “including pocketable mobile […]

Tablet Rumours: Apple snubs Intel, may have huge learning curve

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RUMOUR MILL: With the coverage of CES, we don’t want to forget about the Apple rumours. The Rumour Mill is abuzz with news that Intel has been snubbed by Apple as it has decided to use its own chips to power its own tablet. That’s coming from an analyst from Northeast Securities, via, based on conversations with partners that were manufacturing the tablet. The chip has been designed by […]

Centrino Atom is dead – Atom is still Atom; confusing enough?

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Intel has now decided to drop the Centrino Atom branding, which was used on chips produced for low-powered and UMPC devices, and opted to use the name "Atom" brand across the entire product line. Atom-based laptops were not allowed to use the Centrino Atom brand as these devices use a different version of the processor and uses a traditional two-chip chipset. Centrino is the brand that is specifically used for […]

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