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Would an Apple Television have an antenna?

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Would an Apple Television have an antenna port? I mean, seriously, would it? Wouldn’t a television signal be counterintuitive to Apple’s own digital storefront goals, and wouldn’t it be weird for Apple to make a TV that sucks in content through the old-fashioned airwaves? I’m assuming Apple may have reached this conclusion themselves, judging by a WSJ report saying they’ve cancelled their TV project. Because in the end, how would a […]

This is iOS 7.1 and it’s out now

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Apple have this morning released iOS 7.1 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Featuring a refined UI, faster animations, major bug fixes, CarPlay support, and improved responsiveness on some older devices, it’s a welcome update that finally brings back some of the snappiness we lost with iOS 7. The full changelog includes: CarPlay support. New Camera setting to automatically enable HDR for iPhone 5s devices. Improved performance on the […]

RUMOUR MILL: Apple looking to buy German TV maker Loewe, potentially for Apple HDTV?

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An Apple TV – minus the box? The rumour mill is exploding after a report is claiming that Apple is in negotiations to purchase German television manufacturer Loewe, fuelling speculation that this purchase could be used to make the long-awaited and much-hyped Apple TV. According to AppleInisder, citing anonymous sources, Apple is offering 87.3 million euros for the company, which is apparently a tiny premium on its market cap of […]

CBS: We rejected Apple TV subscription service because it would affect existing revenue

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CBS has confirmed rumours that Apple was going to create a television subscription service. It has also confirmed that it rejected the proposal from Cupertino, even when Steve Jobs personally approached its CEO. Why? The company was afraid it could cannibalise existing revenue streams. “I told Steve, ‘You know more than me about 99 percent of things but I know more about the television business,” Moonves said. The comments came […]

Apple TV adds 1080p, new UI for “easier access” to content

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The Apple TV is getting a bit of an upgrade with support for full 1080p High Definition support and a brand new user interface that makes it easier – apparently, according to Apple – to access purchased content and stuff from iCloud and iTunes Match from the small device. The push for 1080p will mean that all iTunes movies and TV shows, Netflix streaming (only in the US) and Vimeo […]

Review: Apple TV (2010)

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The Apple TV is an extremely small device which aims to bring HD content to your TV set. It’s interface is simply amazing, it’s features are ahead of others but there are some small problems with it. It’s based on the Apple A4 1GHz processor which is found in iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 and iPad, it has HDMI and Optical Sound with 10/100 Ethernet and Wireless N. Check out […]

[Tip] Slow iTunes Download? Blame Google!

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With iOS 4.2 for iDevices and ATV 4.1 for the Apple TV being released today, it may seem your download speed is being limited. But fear not! While searching the internet, I found that if you have the Google DNS Server set as your DNS settings, your download speed may be effected. So fire up your network settings and make sure you have the correct DNS settings to ensure top […]

iTunes 10 revealed with TV show rentals, social networking

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iTunes 10 has also been unveiled at this year’s September event, and with this comes a brand new social network that competes with Last.FM. Called Ping, it lets users post thoughts and opinions at what songs they listened to, plus view concert listings and tell the world which ones are you attending. Okay, it is essentially Last.FM. The other big news of the announcement was that iTunes will now be […]

Apple TV gets another revamp – now $99 and smaller

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Apple has not only updated its iPod linuep, but everything digital media with an update to its Apple TV, which is now made 80 percent smaller and looks like a Mac Mini, and at a smaller price tag of USD$99. It now allows you to access the iTunes store, allowing you to rent TV shows and movies. It has also partnered with Netflix in offering its streaming services to the […]

TECHGEEK Podcast #6: We don’t need sex to create a scandal

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Turns out, to create a scandal, we don’t need to have a sexual relationship. However, we get a little bit sidetrack with the NBN to talk about that story. Yes, the NBN. We ranted about the NBN – that’s a first. We also talk about a new FaceTime video sex service and is Android getting a new gaming platform for Android? Anyway, we also introduce to the podcast the lead […]

99 cents could get you TV rentals on new Apple TV

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RUMOUR MILL: A new Apple TV, which hasn’t met the expectations as a set-top-box as it only streams content from your iTunes library, could see an introduction of individual TV episodes rented and streamed to the device for only US$0.99 cents That is compared to the US$1.99 price point for SD episodes and $2.99 for episodes in HD.

Apple TV hacked again and again

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The apple TV has been hacked so many times its not funny! The apple tv has been found to run Mac OS X and run a usb keyboard and mouse. Heres a video of it all:

Apple TV 2.0?

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Ars Technica has found a patent for a “multi-media centre for computing systems.” This patent was filed in 2005, and even though it was technically part of the product, They [at Ars Technica] think it will be the new Slingbox… The patent claims that it can hold limitless ‘modules’ that can be connected.

Apple TV : Hacker’s Paradise…

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Yes, the Apple TV. After 2 weeks from it’s release, we have seen many hacks gone through; like World of Warcraft on the Apple TV. But now, MacDevCentral has now given tips to increase the capacity by, of course, breaking it apart…Â

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