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The Beginner’s Guide to

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Got an account, or want to know what is? Have no fear, we have created a “Beginner’s Guide” on and explore the growing community and app ecosystem of, and explain some of the differences between this and Twitter. Of course, this isn’t the complete guide as does change (especially given it is in alpha) – so if you have any additions to this list, feel […]

A Paid Social Network – Is worth the $50/year price?

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Ever heard of The tech community has, and it’s built on a simple premise: being a different kind of social platform. As it’s creator Dalton Caldwell said in its video announcing the project, “our product is what we sell, not our users.” It also promises to be ad-free and will respect its developer community. Sounds like a dream service to use. But, there’s a catch – you have to […]