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UK police name Jake Davis as LulzSec’s Topiary

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The UK Police has named the teenager that they claim to be Topiary, one of the core people in the hacking ring LulzSec, despite controversy over whether if the Police have the right man. The man, arrested in the remote Shetland Islands, is an 18-year-old named Jake Davis. However, all we know about him is that he is apparently an avid chess player (according to Sophos). A quick search online […]

LulzSec and Anonymous: “We are not scared any more” of FBI

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Anonymous and LulzSec – who recently re-emerged after their 50-day campaign of hacking – has issued a statement addressed to the FBI and international law enforcement agencies, responding to an NPR article on the recent arrests of alleged members of the group. On Tuesday, the FBI arrested 14 people suspecting to be part of the hacking group and participating in attacking PayPal after the company shut down the account belonging […]

Suspected LulzSec member arrested in UK as census data stolen

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A 19 year old British teenager has been arrested after being suspected in having connections with, and possibly participating in attacks by the hacking group LulzSec – known for their attacks on the CIA, Nintendo and Sony. The teenager, from Wickford, Essex, has been detained after a joint operation with the Metropolitan Police and the FBI. He currently remains in custody for questioning, and is being held under the Computer […]

CIVIL WAR: Anonymous splinter group takes down forums

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Anonymous Flag (Image: Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons) Anonymous, known for their attacks on Scientology and on the Australian Government, has had its forums – the very method it uses to communicate with its other members – taken down by a splinter group, with a rouge member seizing their sites.

PlayStation Network still down for “maintenance” [updated 9:30am]

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[This story will continue to be updated as news comes to hand.] On Thursday we reported that the PlayStation Network had been down for the entire afternoon. 12 hours later, the PSN was still down and a post on the EU PlayStation.Blog revealed that it may be “a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running.” Sony is still trying to blame […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 34: Two Girls, One Wii

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The little Wii gets a bit more intimate with a brand new game, Mortal Kombat banned in Australia and the MacBook Pro gets a little hardware revamp – and we make a big deal about it and the new Thunderbolt. Wait, what? That’s all this week on the TECHGEEK Weekly podcast with the return of James Wilson plus one guest – Matt Rossi. Who? Matt Rossi, a friend of one […]

Anonymous targets Westboro Baptist Church, Church says “Bring It”

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Oh noes, the apocalypse is nigh! And if you happen to not read into the sarcasm, then you really need to go back to school. Anonymous’ latest targets – the controversial Westboro Baptist Church (of which I should mention not related to any other Baptist Church) – has now told them to bring their raft in a new statement.

TECHGEEK Weekly 30: Death by SMS

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Wow. We’ve reached 30 episodes – who knew from the beginning we would actually have reached this far. Anyway, we discuss the IPv4 running out of addresses, the new PSP2 by Sony and the Egypt Internet Blackout. We also find out that we are really good at debating points of view, so you may find this episode to be longer than what we usually have our podcasts Sorry if we […]

Egypt Protests: Social networking sites blocked, journalist beaten, Anonymous threatens govt

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Egypt authorities have blocked many social networking sites – including Twitter, Facebook – in an effort to contain any news coming out of the country, as riots escalate. Meanwhile, the group Anonymous have threatened denial-of-service attacks on the Egyptian government over its censorship. While Twitter has confirmed that its site has been blocked, other sites have been periodically blocked as Australia slept. The Next Web is claiming that YouTube, Facebook […]

One button lets you join the pro-Wikileaks parade

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While Julian Assange has distanced himself from the attacks, the group known as Anonymous apparently haven’t heard that message yet and looks like they are actively recruiting members to join their attacks on those who are “anti-Wikileaks” by sending their servers down, thanks to a downloadable piece of software called LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon), which allows users to voluntarily connect to a botnet that is used to co-ordinate the […]

Leaked IMs and backlash highlight Facebook’s problem: privacy

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And when you thought Facebook couldn’t take any more heat, leaked instant messages published online appear to show Zuckerberg mocking users joining the social networking site (then called The Facebook and was limited to Harvard students) in 2003, and is very brutal on the people who published photos and addresses and was willing to give them out to people when asked.

Twelve year old spends more than $1,400 on FarmVille

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Here’s an interesting story. A twelve year old kid from the UK has managed to spend £905 (or around AU$1489) in purchasing virtual coins on a little Facebook game called FarmVille, most of it, or £625, using his mother’s credit card after emptying his savings account. And his mother isn’t pleased with that. Those not introduced to FarmVille, it is basically a game where you raise up virtual livestock and […]

Titstorm continues to cause havoc on Govt Websites

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Websites for the Parliament of Australia and the homepage of the government are still feeling the effects of Operation Titstorm, as it continues throughout the day. Both sites, at the time of writing, are still down as a group linked with Anonymous – an internet group that is famous of starting a campaign against the Church of Scientology. Other government websites taken down include ACMA, and the website for the […]

Australian Govt attacked by Anonymous over Internet filter

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The Parliament of Australia’s website has been taken down as part of an international operation against the proposed mandatory filtering plan that Kevin Rudd and Senator Stephen Conroy wish to implement. As of the time of writing, the site remains down. People connected to the group Anonymous, known for starting a war against the Church of Scientology, launched an attack against the Parliament’s website as part of “Operation: Titstorm” – […]

Anonymous hacks Palin’s Yahoo account

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Members of the anti-Scientology group Anonymous have taken turned their attention to Sarah Palin, the vice presidential candidate for the Republicans and the governor of Alaska, by hacking into her Yahoo email account. According to The Register, “activists loosely affiliated” with the group gained access to the account at around midnight. It is unknown how the group managed to get into her account, but screenshots have been posted to Wikileaks […]

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