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Pokemon: The Origin announced – Anime based on Pokemon Red and Green

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It was announced that a brand new Pokemon Anime will run alongside the Pokemon XY series (Generation VI). The series will be called Pokemon: The Origin, which features Red and Green, the main characters from the first Japanese Pokemon games released in 1996 (Pokemon Red & Green), which later released worldwide as Pokemon Red & Blue. The trailer features Red as he starts his journey and battles his rival Green, […]

Japan studios to create new anime on Halo universe

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Anime studios in Japan are set to take on Microsoft’s iconic franchise, Halo, by collaborating with Microsoft on a new anime, “Halo Legends”, that would see the game’s universe being launched in a new medium in several original short films.

Joost goes head-on-head with Hulu … in Anime?

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Anime fans are rejoicing after today’s announcements. After talking about Hulu’s announcement on anime, Joost has now decided to release an onslaught of new anime titles. The new anime shows include the original Japanese versions (with English subtitles) of Naruto and Death Note (same as Hulu); the subtitled and dubbed versions of Ikki Tousen, Gun Frontier and Saiyuki; the subtitled versions of Izumo; and the dubbed versions of Astro Boy, […]

Hulu launches brand new features, shows and channels

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Not letting Joost get a foothold of its market share, Hulu – co-owned by NBC Universal and News Corporation – has launched several new features – including discussion forums, show recommendations and better queue management. As well, they will be bringing out seventeen new topical channels including Fashion and Beauty, Food and Leisure, Comedy, Video Games and Home and Garden. But the biggest news is that there will be many […]

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