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System on a Chip Architectures coming to Microsoft

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Today at CES before Microsoft’s Keynote at 6.30PM pacific time, Microsoft have announced that the next version of Windows, Windows 8, will support the System on a Chip Architecture from Intel, AMD and ARM based systems such as NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. The System on a Chip Architecture will allow for operating systems and preinstalled applications to reside on the actual processor unit. The operating system should run as expected […]

AMD Brings Out Fusion APU Chip

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A day before CES launches, AMD have announced their new Fusion ‘APU’, which is a new chip design and combines CPU with GPU. The new family of chips using this technology is the AMD Radeon™ HD 6000M series which is AMD’s lastest, highest performing notebook graphics. The AMD Radeon™ HD 6000M series offers up to 1.3 teraFLOPS of computing power with the ability to power up to 6 displays using […]

EU regulators issues Intel with record-breaking fine

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IN DEPTH : European regulators have found Intel guilty and has placed a €1.06 billion fine for engaging in illegal anticompetitive practises that excluded its rival, AMD, from entering the computer chips market – the largest fine ever made since Microsoft’s anticompetitive fine in 2004.

Report : EU to fine Intel over antitrust suit

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The European Commission is set to fine the largest chip maker, Intel, on Wednesday over breaking antitrust rules within the European Union, people familiar with the case told both the Wall Street Journal and Reuters over the weekend.

AMD brings out ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4000 series for notebooks

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CES 2009 : AMD has brought out a new series of graphics processors for notebooks, the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4000, that is said to “redefine” gaming with advanced capabilities on notebooks. Along with the new features, it is set to deliver up to one teraFLOP of performance power, with support for its CrossFireX technology. It supports DirectX 10.1 and will be the first to support the GDDR5 memory technology, […]

AMD to spin off manufacturing division

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will announce, on Wednesday, a long-expected restructuring that would see AMD being split into two companies: one for designing chips, and one that will manufacture the chips; according to the Wall Street Journal. AMD has said that it will make a “significant corporate announcement” and will hold a conference call that will be hosted by the CEO Dirk Meyer. The new venture is expected to take […]

AMD claims HD 4870 as the "world’s fastest graphics card" – hopes to bring it back on top

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AMD is basically hoping that its new graphics card, ATI’s Radeon HD 4870 X2, brings it back at the top of its game by claiming it is the fastest graphics card out there in the entire world. And from the results from PC Perspective, it may be – having a higher frames per second (FPS) rate than its competitors. At the time of the launch of the 4800 series, they […]

Ruiz steps down as AMD’s CEO

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Hector Ruiz has stepped down from his position as Chief Executive Officer of AMD, the rival of Intel, in favour of President and COO Dirk Meyer after being elected by the board of directors. While he was instrumental in elevating AMD to become a rival to Intel’s stranglehold on the chip manufacturing market, he also admitted that he was the reason why the company was in financial distress after racking […]

AMD 2nd Quarter Report

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AMD has reported it’s 2nd quarter’s earnings report yesterday, according to Ars Technica, and it posted heavy losses. It only ended up with $600 million in profit, $130 million owing to it’s acquisition of ATI for $5.6 billion; along with severance costs, stock-compensation costs, and debt issuance charges. However, it’s not all bad news. Revenues were up this time from it’s $1.22 billion last year, because it added both revenues […]

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