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iiNet changes broadband plans – offers 500GB on/off peak

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iINet has announced today a huge overhaul of its broadband plans, including claiming to have Australia’s first plan to have a download quota of one terabyte – 500GB onpeak and 500GB offpeak – and are set to be as affordable as the previous plans from the ISP. “iiNet is moving Australian broadband forward,” CEO Michael Malone said. “We’ve built a high performance network over the past five years, including great […]

Telstra adds more homes to ADSL2 network, fights 3 over shared mobile network

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Telstra has announced that 131 exchanges in Victoria, including 127 located in regional areas, will be upgraded (or have been upgraded) to Telstra’s ADSL2 network within the next 200 days, allowing a further 84,000 homes and businesses to access faster speeds. “As well as the speed benefits, families will be able to simultaneously use several devices at home at the one time more easily. Content can be delivered with greater […]

ispONE dumps Optus for Telstra for its ADSL2+ service

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ispONE, a wholesale telecommunications provider that services more than 150 providers in rural Australia, has said that it will ditch using Optus’ network in favour of Telstra because of their network footprint, along with the small returns in profit. Director Zac Swindells told Australian IT that “Optus covers about 13 per cent of the population with its ADSL2+ footprint. Telstra on the other hand covers 63 per cent of the […]

Internode offers ADSL2+ broadband to those far away from exchanges

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Internode has announced that it will no longer follow the restrictive rules made by Telstra on their exchanges about the length of the ADSL line in areas where their own ADSL2+ DSLAMs have been installed. It also claims that it will also be able to offer ADSL2+ broadband to those living 7.5km away from an exchange from Telstra. Under current restrictions, the maximum line length was 4.1km, but under its […]

aaNet launches ADSL2+ – offers 200GB plan

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aaNet, which is known for its cut-price broadband service, has launched a new set of plans using its parent company EFTel’s new ADSL2+ network. The plans excel from $24.90/month for 2GB, and $34.90 for 10GB – but that is bundled with other products offered by aaNet. Higher end plans include a 100GB plan (the highest) for $124.90. Whirlpool’s Phi Sweeney also says that it will continue with its unusual system […]

Macquarie extends ADSL2+ to more exchanges

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IN BRIEF: Macquarie Telecom has extended its ADSL2+ network to over 250 exchanges. Out of the exchanges, 100 will be based in Western Australia and Queensland – which Macquarie Telecom has said that they have been neglected by other telcos. Macquarie operates exclusively in business and government markets, and the new service will have a theoretical download speed of 24Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps.

Optus, iiNet crush Telstra in Speed Test

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ZDNet Australia has now released some of the results of it’s Speed Test, launched in September. Since it’s introduction, it had more than 270,000 hits, a majority from Australians. According to the results; Exetel is the fastest Internet service provider in Australia, with an average connection speed of 11,258 kbps. At the time of writing, however, only two (according to ZDNet) were performed by the ISP; so this might not […]

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