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iiNet changes broadband plans – offers 500GB on/off peak

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iINet has announced today a huge overhaul of its broadband plans, including claiming to have Australia’s first plan to have a download quota of one terabyte – 500GB onpeak and 500GB offpeak – and are set to be as affordable as the previous plans from the ISP. “iiNet is moving Australian broadband forward,” CEO Michael Malone said. “We’ve built a high performance network over the past five years, including great […]

Telstra ADSL down after software failure

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Queensland is plagued with problems, as another exchange in the state had been knocked out for more than 48 hours. A Telstra exchange on the Gold Coast has knocked out ADSL services to many of its customers in the South Eastern part of Queensland, and even in Port Adelaide in South Australia and Lesmurdie in Western Australia. While Telstra claims that only 1,000 customers have been impacted, the range of […]

Optus, iiNet crush Telstra in Speed Test

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ZDNet Australia has now released some of the results of it’s Speed Test, launched in September. Since it’s introduction, it had more than 270,000 hits, a majority from Australians. According to the results; Exetel is the fastest Internet service provider in Australia, with an average connection speed of 11,258 kbps. At the time of writing, however, only two (according to ZDNet) were performed by the ISP; so this might not […]

Maths whiz supercharges the net

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An Australian maths whiz has found a way to make the internet faster than what it is today. Dr John Papandriopoulos, from the University of Melbourne, is on the way to Silicon Valley after developing a way to reduce electromagnetic interference that slows down ADSL connection speeds. ADSL connection speeds are usually between 1 and 20 Mbps; but if Dr. Papandriopoulos’ technology is successfully commercialized, the internet speeds could be […]

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