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New hardware from Cupertino? Possibly.

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Swirling around the interwebs is a lot of noise about Apple Inc. updating it’s iMac, Mac Mini and other various hardware tomorrow sometime [ Tuesday Californian time ]. Such updates include: – Redesigned plastic MacBooks – Redesigned “impressive” iMacs – Mac mini updates, including one based on Mac OS X Server – Multi-touch “Magic Mouse” – A multi-touch “trackpad gadget” for desktop Macs We’ll keep you up-to-date with any new […]

Xerox to buy Affiliated Computer Services for US$6.4 billion

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Xerox has announced today it will buy Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) in cash and stock in a deal that is worth US$6.4 billion, allowing the copier giant to expand into the outsourcing and IT services market as its corporate customers spend less. Xerox’s CEO Ursula M. Burns, who became the chief executive of the company on July 1, said the deal was a “game-changer” for Xerox. “By combining Xerox’s strengths […]