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Big changes coming to ABC iView, including next-gen console apps and iTunes-powered back-catalogue access

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Despite government funding threats, the ABC has still presented an interesting 2015 launch earlier in the week, one which also detailed some expansion plans for their catch-up service. Next year iView will be launching on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s still not known whether the PS4 app will just be another web browser link, like it was on the PlayStation 3, though hopefully they actually build a native PS4 interface. […]

The question of Python-iView: Copyright crusader or vigilante operative?

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The ABC recently raised eyebrows when it wrote a cease-and-desist letter to Python i-View, a mobile application which allowed viewers of ABC’s popular iview to download and playback its content later on slow or non-compatible technology. The issue of whether the Python-iView app infringes copyright, particularly it’s download feature, hinges on a number of specific sections of the Copyright Act and a concept of “vigilante interoperability”. Firstly, some background. Launched […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 21: We dropped the cable

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Okay, we get it. We fail at comedy. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. We discuss the Wikileaks saga, the fact that Porn aims to be the next Google in stealing your private data and that Apple tries to push a dead social network with a dead celebrity. Yep, and while I’m so going to get angry emails from Michael Jackson fans, Tom is going to get emails from […]

ABC signs deal with Yahoo7 for archive content

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Archived programming from public broadcaster ABC will soon appear on Yahoo!7’s PLUS7 catch-up TV service after its commercial arm, ABC Commercial, has announced that it has signed a deal with the website. Shows from the broadcaster such as The Gruen Transfer, The Cook and the Chef and the ABC’s flagship current affairs programming will appear on PLUS7 alongside content from Seven’s stable of programming over its three channels – all […]

iiNet changes broadband plans – offers 500GB on/off peak

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iINet has announced today a huge overhaul of its broadband plans, including claiming to have Australia’s first plan to have a download quota of one terabyte – 500GB onpeak and 500GB offpeak – and are set to be as affordable as the previous plans from the ISP. “iiNet is moving Australian broadband forward,” CEO Michael Malone said. “We’ve built a high performance network over the past five years, including great […]

ABC to bring subtitles to iView programming

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The ABC has announced that it will be providing subtitles to all of its primetime programs on ABC1 and ABC2 from tomorrow, assisting those who need a text-based version of the audio. The new service will combine pre-crafted captioning (those already embedded in the file) and live captioning, and users will be able to select if they want this feature or not by pressing the CC button. The new service […] guide to watching TV online (again)

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It’s been so long since our look at watching full episodes on the internet, and times have changed. New services have appeared, and the popular Daily Show removed access to Australian users. Have no fear, we have another guide to have a look at where you can watch them. Now, we have added 3 more entries, along with the three remaining from our previous list, but now this time, we […]

ABC iView is a hit with Australians

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The ABC has claimed that its iView product has now been visited by 58,000 people since its first 24 hours in operation. The new service allows users to watch and catch up programming on the ABC’s two channels – ABC1 and ABC2. The new service also contains four additional channels – including one for news and one for its children’s programming – with even more channels being available in the […]

Review: Flashdance around the playback

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The ABC launched its IPTV service in February, but it took us forever to get an invite to this beta; and our reviewer is not impressed at all. Is this what we are paying in taxes for this kind of crap??? Terence Huynh, the Editor in Chief of TECHGEEK, presents this review of the ABC Playback service to the masses, with images! APC done a review about it first, but […]

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