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Research: Cheap, battery-operated jamming device can kill an entire 4G network

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The technology behind the 4G networks, LTE, has been found to be vulnerable to simple jamming techniques, with researchers proving their hypothesis by using a cheap, battery-operated jamming device aimed at a small portion of the LTE signal to take down an entire base station. The research, from Virginia Tech, notes that there are “about eight” weak points that can be used to jam an LTE signal. Normally, in order […]

Telstra gets Nokia Lumia 920, Vodafone and Optus share Lumia 820

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Telstra has scored a major coup for their 4G network with the announcement that Nokia will be selling the Lumia 920 on its network. Also announced was that Optus and Vodafone will gain the rights to sell the lower-end Lumia 820. The Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 both support 4G LTE, so it is expected that Optus will sell this phone with its own 4G network that is slowly rolling […]

Telstra, Optus to bring out 4G version Samsung GALAXY S III

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Telstra and Optus have both announced plans to bring the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S III to Australia. Whilst this will be one of a few phones on Telstra, the Galaxy S III 4G will be the first phone to be offered on Optus – which has also been switched on today in Sydney, Perth and Newcastle. For those who need a refresher on its specs: it has […]

Apple to settle with ACCC over ‘4G claim’ – pays $2.25m in penalties

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Apple will pay $2.25 million penalty to settle its case with consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission; after it agreeing that it had misled the public by claiming the “WiFi + 4G” model could connect to the 4G network in Australia, when in reality it could not. According to The Australian, ACCC’s lawyers told the court that this “substantial” penalty would send a message to the industry “that […]

Report: Samsung in talks to launch 4G Galaxy S III soon, on Telstra

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We could soon have another 4G phone on the way for Telstra. Samsung is reportedly in talks with Telstra to launch the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Australia. If true, this would add more distance between it and Optus’ own network – which hasn’t even started up yet, and isn’t expected til the second half of the year. According to a tweet by CNET Australia’s Joseph […]

Telstra brings out first 4G Windows Phone – HTC TITAN 4G

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Telstra has announced that it will be bringing out its first 4G phone running Windows Phone, parterning with HTC to bring the TITAN 4G to Australia – beating the Lumia 900 (which has been announced on Optus, but will run on its 3G network as opposed to its upcoming 4G LTE network) as the first WP7 phone for Australia. The HTC TITAN 4G features a 4.7-inch display running on a […]

Apple bows to pressure, drops ‘4G’ label with new iPad

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Apple has quietly removed any mention of 4G’s support on the iPad in its promotional material and in its store in several countries, including Australia, after regulators complained that suggesting that it has the feature when it doesn’t even work in the country is a tad misleading. It has replaced the name of its ‘Wi-Fi + 4G’ model to the ‘Wi-Fi + Cellular’. In Australia, it has also made sure […]

Are Australia’s 3G networks really 4G? It’s complicated…

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Apple has today claimed that Australia’s 3G networks are actually 4G networks if compared to international standards, and that our carriers have simply mislabelled them. And while we may ponder what was in their lawyer’s head when he made that statement, the 4G issue is, well, really complicated. First, let’s explore what each carrier uses. At a base level, all carriers support UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) as their 3G […]

Telstra announces 4G for Pre-Paid customers

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Launching today is the availability of Telstra Pre-Paid 4G and it’s the nations first Pre-Paid 4G offering. Customers will be able to use their Pre-Paid 4G stick in 4G coverage areas but also experience HSPA+ which allows a dual 3G connection. Telstra promises speeds up to 40Mbps on the 4G network. The USB stick is small in size and features a swivel USB connector allowing you to plug the stick in at any […]

Telstra announces first 4G phone – HTC Velocity – to land on Jan 24

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Telstra’s first 4G smartphone from HTC has now got a name and a release date. Called the HTC Velocity 4G, the phone features a 1.5GHz dual core processor, a 4.5-inch touchscreen and an 8 megapixel camera. The phone also has 16GB of internal storage that is also expandable via an SD card slot, and will run – on the images – Android 2.3 Gingerbread rather than Ice Cream Sandwich. It […]

Telstra to launch first 4G smartphone from HTC in 2012

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On the heels of its 4G network roll out, Telstra has announced a brand new phone that will be able to use the very new network it launched. No, its not the iPhone. It’s a phone made by its rivals, HTC, and is coming out in the first half of next year. Dubbed the “HTC 4G” phone, Telstra is releasing very small details about the phone. Telstra, however, has confirmed […]

Telstra launches Australia’s first 4G network using LTE

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Telstra has announced that it will start offering products under its new 4G LTE service, that will see speeds ten times faster than those on 3G. The public offering comes after months of trialling the service with a small number of customers. For the capital cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, coverage will be within 5km of the GPO. To check if you’re covered Telstra has a coverage map showing […]