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Chinese network to build $14.5 billion 3G network

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Chinese Unicom has said that it will spend $14.5 billion on new network infrastructure over the next two years as it rushes it plans to deploy its 3G network. However, while the company does not have a 3G license right now, it is still waiting to for a government-inspired reorganisation that will see the best parts of China Unicom merge with China Netcom. The rest of Unicom will go to […]

3 still pushing more data to your phone

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3 has unveiled a brand new plan that offers 6GB of mobile 3G data for just $39/month. The offer will, however, require you to get a 24 month contract with the telco. However, it does come with a USB dongle, so you can use the 3G network on your laptop. While it beats the previous "king" from Vodafone, which had 5GB for $39, it does not have better coverage than […]

Optus takes on Telstra with new 3G network

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Optus has announced that it will expand its 3G network coverage to 98 percent by next year and will bring its speeds up to 42Mbps by 2010, to compete with Telstra. While upgrading its coverage from 96 percent to 98 percent by December 2009, it will cost the telco AU$315 million. This price will also include upping the bandwidth to 28Mbps in 2009 and with the aim of "strategic partners", […]

iPhone rumours fuelled by 3G version – again.

By on is saying that Australia could be the first recipients of the new 3G iPhone coming out later this year. We missed out on the original because it uses the 2.5G network, which is slower than the 3G network. All carriers except Three carry both 3G and 2.5G. The 2.5G is known as EDGE in the US. Apple has been tight-lipped on the arrival of the iPhone but has confirmed […]