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Hitachi replicates 3D images that you can see without 3D glasses

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It looks like Hitachi has finally solve a common problem when watching 3D TV – the glasses. Its new “Full Parallax 3D TV” product, though only having a screen size of 10 inches, recreates a 3D image without you needing those geeky looking glasses, which come in a one-size-fits-all. It uses 16 projectors and a lens array to cover them, allowing the person to view it in any direction; and […]

ViewSonic to bring out new 120Hz 3D desktop monitor

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CES 2009 : So, apparently the latest thing for LCD monitors is to try making a 3D monitor for gamers who would like to see their graphics literally pop out of the monitor with the 3D glasses. And ViewSonic is no different, as it has announced the VX2265wm. The 22-inch monitor has a frame rate of 120Hz, which is essentially similar to “flicker-free” televisions, and more than the usual rates […]

iZ3D brings 26-inch 3D LCD monitor to CES

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CES 2009 – According to Engadget, iZ3D will be bringing a 26-inch prototype of a 3D LCD monitor to CES 2009. The company already has one LCD that is similar to this prototype, its 22-inch 3D LCD monitor. As well, it will have on display the Immersion Series, which “places a trio of the iZ3D monitors together in order to better simulate flights and races”. It is also expected that they […]