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SPONSORED: Make a Difference with Your Phone

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Image: CannedTuna/Flickr (Creative Commons) The mobile phone business is one that moves rapidly with updated models coming out frequently. People can have the latest gadgets, the latest upgrades, and the latest new model, but it won’t last for long because only months later a newer version will have already been released. For those people who want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, this can be quite costly. What […]

SPONSORED: Why can you get paid to recycle your mobile phone?

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You may have recently noticed just how many companies are offering to trade-in or recycle old mobile phones, giving you a cash sum in return for your old phone – both in working or broken condition. If you are wondering why these companies can offer this service, the answer could lie in the amount of gold found in a mobile phone. Phone recycling The average mobile phone user will upgrade […]

Sponsored: Pre-paid vs Post-paid – What’s the difference?

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Image from: Anne Mole/Flickr (Creative Commons) When purchasing a new mobile phone we are faced with the dilemma of choosing between a post-paid service (such as a contract or cap plan) or a pre-paid offer. Post-paid mobile phone plans generally offer free calls to the same network bundled with special offers and a generous amount of data that will allow you to surf the net. Prepaid plans offer a set […]