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TL;DR: We needed a break (but we’re back now)

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A couple of days ago, I received a phone call from a PR agency asking us to do a story about some Facebook bot that one of their clients created. They saw the last updated piece on our site was in January, and called me to ask one simple question. “Is the site dead?” The simple answer was no, the site is not dead. We decided to take a little break from […]

TechGeek nominated for 5 IT Journalism Awards!

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We’ve got some great news to share! TechGeek has been nominated for FIVE IT Journalism Awards – affectionately called The Lizzies – for the work we’ve produced last year; and we’re up against some pretty good sites. TechGeek is nominated for Best Website, Best News Coverage, Best Personal Technology Coverage, Best Gaming Coverage and Best Independent Media. For Best Independent Media, we are up against our good friends Reckoner, Ausdroid and Live Tech Australia; plus Women in […]

Happy Birthday to TechGeek!

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April 1st is a day that many people really love or really hate with a passion. Today is April Fools Day and every single publication (bar Kotaku Australia) writes a joke piece, and every company does something. However, it is also a special day for TechGeek as well – because it’s our birthday! And no, it’s not a joke. It is really the site’s birthday. Stewart Wilson and I started […]

Introducing Techcast – the new podcast from TechGeek

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Introducing the new podcast from TechGeek… Techcast. Giving you a dose of the latest technology news from around the web in a convenient 45 minute episode. Techcast is hosted by Terence Huynh, Stewart Wilson and Chris Southcott – and we might have an occasional guest pop in. Techcast will be replacing the old TechGeek Weekly and The Briefing podcasts – both airing their last episodes in September 2013. We decided […]

Welcome to a brand new TechGeek

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It has been two years since we had a massive redesign – which is remarkable, given the fact that I have a history of changing website designs every few months or so. And while the previous design was good to us, we needed a change – especially since our site hasn’t been entirely friendly to mobile users. Today, we get to finally reveal it. It has been in development since […]

New update available for the TechGeek Windows Phone App

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It’s been a few months since we’ve launched our Windows Phone application. While it was said that the app would be updated regularly, this promise fell through. However! We’ve just released the first major update to our Windows Phone Application, version 1.1.0. After a few major bugs being squashed in version 1.0.1 for WP7, we thought the app was due for an upgrade. In this update, we’ve changed some of […]

Welcome to The Briefing – a brand new, tech news only podcast

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We have something we would like to announce. Something that I’ve been planning for months, before I decided to push out the episode as a TECHGEEK Weekly episode. Well, Stewart suggested that we do this weekly. And here we are. Welcome to The Briefing – a brand new technology news podcast that delivers the tech news, and only the tech news. No music, no commentary, no fanboys and no talking heads – […]

TG at FIVE: An editor’s reflection over the past five years

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Image: Aih./Flickr (Creative Commons) April 1. April Fools Day – a day where the internet comes together and confuse the heck out of you with fake news stories. But did you also know that April 1 is the site’s birthday? And today, we’re five. Yes, we’ve reached a milestone that many – even I – never thought we would see. Suffice to say, the site has pretty much grown from […]

Oh, look – we have our link shortner back!

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SITE NEWS: Oh look what has returned. After a few months of tinkering and finding a new approach, we have brought back our own link shortner URL – We’ve decided to ditch our old internal system for a more better approach using’s own custom domain feature, which is free for all to use. Plus, this has an added bonus of letting us use it on anything that supports […]

It’s BACK! The Holiday Gift Guide starts today!

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It’s BACK!’s annual Holiday Gift Guide is officially starting today. Until December 24, our editors will be suggesting holiday gift ideas, select the best gadgets and games that you should give as a present and finding those ever popular deals from Australian, and now international, retailers so you don’t break the bank. will also be holding its annual live show to answer questions and giveaway prizes to those […]

Wait, what? We’ve redesigned… again?

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Oh look at that, we’ve changed our look – again? I know what you would be thinking: “Didn’t you launch like a major redesign like six months ago?” Well, yes. However, we’ve decided to use this time to be a bit radical and up heave the old design and replace it with this. That, and to piss off Stewart while he’s in New Zealand. Yes, while there will be elements […]

Reader’s Survey: We want your opinion on us! Yes, really.

By on will be approaching five years online in 2012 – a very big achievement. However, we want to hear from you, our readers, on where we should be covering and focusing on in this Reader’s Survey. Why ask? Well, without you we wouldn’t have lasted this long. We started in 2007 as a small blog, and now we have pushed to have articles, tips, reviews and opinion. And while we […]

OUR NEW LOOK: Bye Bye Exogenesis, Hello Lights

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It may be a weekend, but it’s a perfect time to launch our brand new look and a brand new section. Fellow readers, say goodbye to the blue circles and Exogenesis, and say hello to our brand new, cleaner Lights and the new section called the Newsroom. And, of course, it would be rude of me to not introduce the theme to you.

It’s done! We have a brand new commenting system!

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You might be noticing something new below the posts right now. That’s right, we have finally moved our commenting platform to Disqus, and it does come with some extra goodies that help both you the reader and us when we moderate. Even if you don’t know what Disqus is, you may have seen it everywhere around the Web – TechCrunch, Engadget, Mashable, CNN and TechAU use the platform. So with […]

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