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Krauss: Science funding is a national investment – not an expense

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As a relatively small and young country, by population if not by landmass, Australia has played a noticeable role on the world stage when it comes to science. Contributions to new technologies, from Wi-Fi to vaccines, are well known, as is the growing role Australia has played in more fundamental areas such as astronomy. Nevertheless, by comparison with many first world countries, Australia is not known for its support of […]

An Interview with Dr Michio Kaku

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Dr Michio Kaku is on a mission. He wants to bring science back to the forefront of the national agenda and in people’s minds – and he’s doing this by making science more engaging to the public. Dr Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics, futurist and science communicator from the United States of America. He has been published in over 70 scientific journals, and is a pioneer in String Field Theory. However, he is mostly recognised as one of the most successful promoters of science to the general public, and has written several best selling books about the technology of the future – including his latest bestselling book, The Future of the Mind. I spoke to Dr Kaku about what motivated him to communicate science to the public, and what we could do if scientists finally conquer the “last frontier” – the brain.

Dr Michio Kaku is coming to Australia in June

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One of the world’s most renowned expert in theoretical physics is coming to Australia. In partnership with Think Inc, Dr. Michio Kaku will hold three 90-minute talks in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and promises to give audience an enlightened and new perspective of the world around us. He will be in Brisbane’s Convention and Exhibition Centre on June 5, The Plenary inside Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre on June 6, […]

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