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Throwback: Fable

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Very few early games on the original Xbox gave us the kind of freedom that one game did, and that game’s name was: Fable. While Fable tapered off a bit as far as its franchise is concerned, there was just something that made the original Fable so amazing and one we would definitely love to see come back into our lives in a rebooted form (as long as they do […]

Government Grills Mark Zuckerberg over Cryptocurrency Platform

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The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, attended a congressional session on last Wednesday. His next ‘big idea’ of the globally renowned social network to foray in cryptocurrency was met with tremendous disdain. Libra is an about-to-be-launched cryptocurrency, which is securely backed by international assets. Its calling card is the ability to spend it anywhere all over the world. This also poses a ‘big if’ for the central banks and governments […]

2019 In Review: Top Laptops to Purchase

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We are back again with our list of most popular laptops of this year. This list will cover some of the best machines on the market that money can buy, based on the type you are after.

Throwback: Dark Cloud 2

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In the early 2000s, while everyone was enamored with the original Call of Duty, many decided to dive into one of the best throw-back dungeon crawlers on the PlayStation 2 system. In fact, Dark Cloud 2 was a lot of young gamer’s introduction into roleplaying games. This fact comes as a surprise to many due to the fact that Final Fantasy was around for much longer. You can’t argue how […]

Pump Air 2 Review: A new favourite from BlueAnt

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Released today from the Melbourne based sound pioneers BlueAnt, who have clearly spent the time to produce something that is not just sexy to look at but puts out high quality audio, let me be the one to introduce the Pump Air 2 microbuds. THE SOUND Utilising Bluetooth 5.0, and backing of a company with 16 years of experience in bluetooth – you would expect a good result. The Pump Air […]

Argonus and the Gods of Stone releases next month

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Back in May this year, independent developer Zojoi announced their next game called Argonus and the Gods of Stone. The developer known for Shadowgate, the cult classic adventure game, will be releasing their all-new adventure game next month. Similar to Shadowgate, there will be puzzles to solve but this is not a point-and-click game. You will be able to explore the world of Ancient Greece in first-person to complete your […]

“Your personal data stored with us is not safe”: Early warning alert service breached

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Screenshot of the alert An Australian early warning service has suffered a significant security breach, with customers receiving emails, text messages and phone calls that their personal data is not safe. “EWN has been hacked. Your personal data stored with us is not safe. We are trying to fix the security issues,” the message said. EWN has confirmed that the message came from the hacker and not from them. Early […]

Hello again

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Photo: Ash Edmonds/Unsplash It’s been a while. Sorry for the long and unexpected hiatus. I just needed a break from being a pseudo tech journalist. A really long break. And no, I didn’t go to public relations. The truth was that I needed a break because I was struggling to keep up with everything I had in my life. Maintaining a graduate job in a tech consulting firm, while running […]

BlackBerry is coming back with a new smartphone – with a keyboard

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Despite previous (and failed) attempts to revive the brand, TCL (yes, that company that makes TVs) thinks it can be the one that can restore it to its former shining glory. The Chinese manufacturer has announced at that it will be creating a new BlackBerry-branded smartphone that will see the return of the keyboard. And yes, you read that right. BlackBerry-branded. Last year, BlackBerry (the company) and TCL signed a licensing […]

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