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Facebook to go à la carte on mobile

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Image: TechCrunch/Flickr (Creative Commons) In August 2011, Facebook released Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android, a standalone application that simply allowed users to access the Facebook Messenger component of Facebook, treating it almost like an SMS app. In the past few months, though, this app has changed from a simple side-project, which is where other Facebook standalone apps have grown stale, into a beautiful, fully featured app which truly takes […]

Opinion: LG made a great doormat with their new webOS Smart TV

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It’s 3:00AM in Wollongong. My phone’s alarm rings, causing painful vibration on its nest of coins. Instinctively, I turn it off. I forgot that instinct can be right sometimes. I loved webOS. In its well-documented downfall, the OS broke my heart. I bought a Pre 2, for pure love of the UI and what Palm envisioned. Then, at the start of 2013, I bought an HP Veer, in the hope […]

ONE YEAR ON: Has R18+ changed anything?

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Image: Marco Arment/Flickr (Creative Commons) At 12:01 am on January 1 last year, Australian gamers rejoiced. After years of petitions, campaigning, and continuous opposition from South Australia’s then-Attorney General Michael Atkinson; Australia – except for Queensland, who had to wait until February 15 – finally had an adults-only rating for video games. And in just one year, the classification regime has managed to excite, baffle and anger gamers. Mortal Kombat was […]

How Hiroshi Yamauchi and Nintendo changed the world

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The death of Hiroshi Yamauchi marks the end of an extraordinary career that spanned 53 years, during which the Nintendo president not only changed a company but left his mark on the very nature of the videogames industry. Yamauchi joined Nintendo in 1949 as president. Thereafter, a small outfit that produced playing cards became a toy company during the mid-1960s and eventually grew into a global videogame corporation. Yamauchi’s crucial […]

Should we mourn the loss of the NBN?

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With a change in government, many people will be disappointed because Labor’s major infrastructure project for the past six years, the National Broadband Network – with its promise of super-fast broadband speeds with up to 1000 megabits per second – will likely be dumped in favour of the Coalition’s alternative. But should we mourn for its loss? Jason Cartwright from TechAU and Renai LeMay from Delimiter are obviously sad that […]

Why Sony was right in rejecting Dan Loeb’s proposal

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Image: Steve.M~ (Flickr/Creative Commons) Sony’s struggles have been widely recounted as it attempts to maintain relevance in a two speed consumer electronics space where hardware is becoming increasingly commoditised, and software and services increasingly more exclusive. Dan Loeb of Third Point – a hedge fund which owns an almost 7% stake in Sony – has been vocal in suggesting changes for the fledgling company, and as arguably Sony’s most prominent […]

Turnbull is right – we need to have a Press Club debate about the NBN

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ELECTION 2013: I can’t believe I’m writing this, but alas there is a first time for everything. I believe Malcolm Turnbull is right, communications minister Anthony Albanese should appear in a debate about the NBN at the National Press Club. Why? Despite my personal feeling that the Coalition’s proposal is technologically inferior, it would be nice to have all the facts and figures from both proposals out there in the public forum […]

Competing with free: Navman partners with Nokia to bring their GPS lineup into the cloud

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With more and more Australian’s trading in their dumbphones for smartphones, all-in-one devices that continue to replace entire product categories, it isn’t hard to assume that a dedicated GPS is irrelevant in 2013. If a smartphone, which is on you at all times, has a GPS inbuilt, surely all that’s needed is a free app and you’re ready to drive. To convince non-believers otherwise, TechGeek and a number of other […]

Thoughts on the Future

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Earlier this year at the Lizzies IT Journalism Awards, TechGeek was the proud recipient of the Best Independent Media Award. At the time, a fellow (and proper) tech journalist and friend, Harrison Polites, asked a simple question: “What is the future of TechGeek?” (Or something along those lines – my memory is pretty terrible after the nerve-racking experience of making a speech in front of the industry) I’d never really thought […]

Dear Nintendo, kill the Wii U now

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OPINION: The next-generation consoles announced by Microsoft and Sony for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have astonishing graphics, powerful hardware, and even a way to capture gaming moments to share to your friends. All of which don’t exist on the other supposed ‘next-generation’ console, the Wii U. I don’t even know why people are calling the Wii U a ‘next-generation’ console, mainly because the hardware is pretty much in line with […]

Xbox One First Impressions

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The Xbox One has been on everybody’s minds after the reveal of what is going to be the biggest thing in Home Entertainment. With a huge focus on TV, Sports, Gaming Experience and Immersion, the Xbox One looks to be a very awesome water cooler. Microsoft are really set on redefining the Entertainment experience. but what does our Pwnage editor Adrian think about Microsoft’s new direction? Design Firstly i would […]

Facebook Home: a Facebook user’s perspective

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Plenty of discussions on Home turn into ‘I hate Facebook’ agreements, one of the only reasons why I think that I may actually add something to the conversation. Home isn’t for non-Facebook users, so it makes little sense to say ‘I hate Facebook, but here’s my review of Home’. Along with the majority of Generation Y, I do use Facebook. I don’t have a religious attachment, but I do check […]

High School IT – It’s time to start from scratch

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Image: Kelly Smith/Flickr (Creative Commons) In response to the ever-increasing role of technology in society through various academic and engineering developments, one fundamental question remains in the movement to arrest the decrease in students studying Computing at high school and university: what should we be teaching about IT to high school students? It can be said that many contributors and editors on this website, myself included, have taken at least one IT […]

Bieber the Bully

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Oh, Justin Bieber fans – where will today’s Internet be without you? Probably a much better place on Twitter. Fans of the Canadian ‘singer’ have been sending abusive messages to The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney after a comment he made about Beiber’s lack of a Grammy nomination. And you may be wondering why this is being posted on a site called techgeek.com.au – since we usually don’t cover this type […]

Violent videogames aren’t the problem – it’s in our genes

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Image: The Conversation The debate around videogames and violence is getting seriously out of control – not least in the US. Just take this recent homepage on The Huffington Post above. Hyperbole aside, videogames are (once again) being used as a scapegoat by politicians looking for a simple answer to causes of violence. But despite how they skew research outcomes there is one undeniable fact: aggression is a normal response […]