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The Role of UX in Product Development

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It’s all about the user and the customer. Any business today understands this. And when those users have to hop through a number of loops and confusing navigation to find what they want and need, they frustrate and leave. Potential customer lost. And whoever designed such a website needs to go away. A website is a product, just as any piece of software is – an app, a game, etc. […]

What’s Next After a Layoff in the Digital Company

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Due to financial challenges, many companies, at some point, would face a challenging decision whether they would need to restructure and let go of some people or take further risks. The digital sector, in particular, is no stranger to constant reorganization, mergers, and acquisitions attributed to technological shifts and constant trend changes in the economy. Mass layoffs are inevitable as an aftermath of these situations.

Do we need another CMS?

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Most marketers are familiar with Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic – it has been updated every year for the last decade with the most recent to be shared in April at the annual Martech Conference. And if you haven’t seen it before now, I highly recommend viewing the 2011 graphic (where it all started) before the latest version so you can see how astronomically the marketing technology field has […]

The Apple Pencil costs $99+ because you probably don’t need it, and that’s a good thing

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A lot of digital and literal ink has been spilled over the announcement of a stylus at tech-blogger Christmas. Though looking past the surprisingly widespread hot-take that “Steve Jobs never wanted a stylus,” the Apple Pencil isn’t clearly not built for mass consumption. It costs $99 for a reason. In fact, I thought it was pretty clear, both from promotional material, and the fact that the Apple Pencil is an accessory to a ‘Pro’ tablet, […]

Dumb Companies Talkin’

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Presented without comment… Twitch responds to YouTube Gaming . @YouTubeGaming Welcome Player 2. Add me on Google+. #kappa — Twitch (@Twitch) June 12, 2015 Rdio responds to Apple Music Welcome, Apple. Seriously. #applemusic pic.twitter.com/AnoeKZ5ZIa — Rdio (@Rdio) June 8, 2015 Rhapsody responds to Apple Music “It’s flattering to watch new competitors bring a product virtually identical to the one we’ve had in market for years. We know better than to […]

Would an Apple Television have an antenna?

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Would an Apple Television have an antenna port? I mean, seriously, would it? Wouldn’t a television signal be counterintuitive to Apple’s own digital storefront goals, and wouldn’t it be weird for Apple to make a TV that sucks in content through the old-fashioned airwaves? I’m assuming Apple may have reached this conclusion themselves, judging by a WSJ report saying they’ve cancelled their TV project. Because in the end, how would a […]

OPINION: Apple Watch fails to live up to the hype

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So, after years of waiting, the so called Apple ‘iWatch’ finally made its appearance today, as the lacklustre Apple Watch.  Years of expectations being built up, will it have a curved sapphire screen,  or will it feature a round display? Will it run iOS or something entirely different? How will it offer anything different to the countless other smart watches already on the market? What was announced  today, however, was […]

Beyond The Verge: Joshua Topolsky leaves Vox Media for Bloomberg, while Nilay Patel returns as EIC

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It’s often been difficult to define exactly what Vox Media’s ‘The Verge’ is. Launched in 2011 by ex-AOL/Engadget bloggers Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, Chris Ziegler, just to name a few, The Verge, from the outset, looked like the ultimate technology publication. With a star-studded roster, joined by Vox Media’s unmatched video and product team, the website seemed to have a fresh focus and simple goal: to create content for a niche […]

Krauss: Science funding is a national investment – not an expense

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As a relatively small and young country, by population if not by landmass, Australia has played a noticeable role on the world stage when it comes to science. Contributions to new technologies, from Wi-Fi to vaccines, are well known, as is the growing role Australia has played in more fundamental areas such as astronomy. Nevertheless, by comparison with many first world countries, Australia is not known for its support of […]

Why mobile photography is completely broken

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I think there’s something fundamentally broken about how we work with mobile photographs today. Take a look at how a large majority of people might deal with photographs on a smartphone. We capture pictures using the in-built camera app, automatically adding it to an infinite camera roll where every single photo we’ve ever taken on our phone resides. We’ll open each one up (one at a time) in our favourite […]

To those tweeting terrorist threats to airlines: what the fuck is wrong with you?

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“My apologies go out to all but why can’t y’all take a joke,” said one Twitter user named Alden Fernandez. This was in response to a tweet he earlier sent to American Airlines that a bomb was “going [to go] off on six of your aircrafts”. This is one of many tweets coming in from some very stupid and idiotic teenagers – because they think it’s pretty funny to send tweets […]

Is it game over for Nintendo? Not even close

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If Nintendo were a character in a Mario game, it would be on its last life, hovering precariously close to a Game Over screen. That may sound a tad dramatic, but it sums up the sentiment on Nintendo after its latest round of forecasts. Commentators are jumping on Nintendo’s own admission of defeat and are calling for radical changes in the company’s strategy. The iconic gaming firm has lost its way, squeezed out by the likes of Sony and Microsoft, and failed to remain relevant.

Facebook to go à la carte on mobile

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Image: TechCrunch/Flickr (Creative Commons) In August 2011, Facebook released Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android, a standalone application that simply allowed users to access the Facebook Messenger component of Facebook, treating it almost like an SMS app. In the past few months, though, this app has changed from a simple side-project, which is where other Facebook standalone apps have grown stale, into a beautiful, fully featured app which truly takes […]

Opinion: LG made a great doormat with their new webOS Smart TV

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It’s 3:00AM in Wollongong. My phone’s alarm rings, causing painful vibration on its nest of coins. Instinctively, I turn it off. I forgot that instinct can be right sometimes. I loved webOS. In its well-documented downfall, the OS broke my heart. I bought a Pre 2, for pure love of the UI and what Palm envisioned. Then, at the start of 2013, I bought an HP Veer, in the hope […]

ONE YEAR ON: Has R18+ changed anything?

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Image: Marco Arment/Flickr (Creative Commons) At 12:01 am on January 1 last year, Australian gamers rejoiced. After years of petitions, campaigning, and continuous opposition from South Australia’s then-Attorney General Michael Atkinson; Australia – except for Queensland, who had to wait until February 15 – finally had an adults-only rating for video games. And in just one year, the classification regime has managed to excite, baffle and anger gamers. Mortal Kombat was […]