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Lifehack: How To Read More Books

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I was about to buy another book to add to my largely untouched Kindle library when it hit me! Libraries exist! Surely I can’t be the only one who has forgot that libraries exist? So here’s the Lifehack: Libraries have shelves of books and all you need is a card to access any book for free. Best of all too, you don’t even have to go to a library anymore […]

FoodGeek: Cadbury Vegemite Chocolate Review

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Yes, we’re a little late to this party, but I thought it Cadbury’s Vegemite chocolate was still worth a taste-test from your trust-worthy FoodGeek columnist. Vegemite is such a weird thing as it is. It’s basically a salty, somewhat bitter product that looks deceptively smooth and creamy. And it tastes incredible melted into a warm, fluffy bit of white toast. But if you put it anywhere else you’ve lost me. […]

What if #MadMen was set in #2015 #YOLO

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You kids and your damn social media. Yes, Mad Men may have wrapped up its seventh and final season last week, but a fan-made Tumblr page shows the series will live on through modern #brand #integration, in the same vein as other forward-thinking social media accounts like @Seinfeld2000. The GIF-heavy Tumblr page, called Mad Men Integrated, which has so far taken aim at social media jargon, the hashtag, and the cruelty […]

FoodGeek: Doritos Roulette Review

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There’s nothing worse than guilt walking, and yet it’s an activity I generally partake in at least twice weekly, usually following a binge on some terrible foods. Today, however, I embarked upon a different guilt walk, one that I’ve never really encountered, mainly because, as well as completely devouring an entire packet of Doritos chips, the actual eating itself included its own pain. And that’s because I was eating the […]

FoodGeek: Pizza Hut’s Doritos Crunchy Crust Review

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The topping chosen to complete this review was part of the ‘Meatlovers’ range. I’m driving home from the local Pizza Hut, gliding through an almost empty trail of road. The smell of pizza wafts through my car, a can of ice-cold Mountain Dew splashing around in my cup holder. I can’t resist any longer. I have to at least have a chip. Just one chip off the Pizza Hut Dominos […]

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