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6 Reasons Why IoT is a Vital Aspect of Digital Reality

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic these days. Offering an ecosystem where companies gather, measure, and transmit heaps of data, IoT has opened up a world of possibilities. Businesses can collect invaluable data, gain insights into future trends, and come up with research-backed solutions. IoT gives them greater flexibility and enhances the lifetime value of their assets. IoT devices that are gradually marking their territory in the […]

Government Grills Mark Zuckerberg over Cryptocurrency Platform

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The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, attended a congressional session on last Wednesday. His next ‘big idea’ of the globally renowned social network to foray in cryptocurrency was met with tremendous disdain. Libra is an about-to-be-launched cryptocurrency, which is securely backed by international assets. Its calling card is the ability to spend it anywhere all over the world. This also poses a ‘big if’ for the central banks and governments […]

Telstra threat MyRepublic finally launches in Australia with super cheap, gamer-geared NBN plan

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Singapore-based ISP MyRepublic has finally announced today that it will be opening its doors to Australian customers on November 15, promising unlimited data and the “ultimate” internet experience for gamers and streamers – but only if you live in a NBN-connected area. They say that their MyRepublic Gamer internet plan are engineered to deal with the litany of issues that Australian gamers face when playing online, such as latency, connection instability, and slow […]

Despite being twelve years old, Sony is blocking people from watching “Numa Numa” on YouTube

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In an odd and perplexing move, Australians can no longer see “Numa Numa” on YouTube. Despite being on the site for nearly ten years, a copyright claim by Sony Music Entertainment has now geoblocked Australians from accessing one of the earliest viral videos on YouTube. Sorry Australia… but you can still watch the original from 2004 on @Newgrounds! — Gary Brolsma (@Gman250) June 6, 2016 For those who need a refresher, the […]

Labor promises fibre-to-the-premises NBN, but embraces cable

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Photo: Kainet/Flickr (Creative Commons) The question of what Labor will do to the National Broadband Network if it does win the election has finally been answered. Labor has announced today that it will upgrade the NBN to a fibre-to-the-premises network; and will connect an additional two million homes and businesses to the network. Labor says they will cap the cost of their NBN rollout at $57 billion, $1 billion more than the current estimate of […]

iiNet founder Michael Malone wants TPG buyout rejected

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The founder and former chief executive of iiNet Michael Malone has said today that he will not support TPG’s bid to acquire the internet service provider, and asked that shareholders to not approve the bid – despite having unanimous approval from the board of directors. “My family and I do not believe this deal as it is structured is in the best interests of shareholders, staff or customers,” Malone told the Australian […]

IT’S HAPPENING! Netflix officially launching in AU and NZ on March 24

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UPDATED: Pricing Officially Announced  Yes, it’s finally happening. Netflix have officially announced that they’ll be launching in Australia and New Zealand on the 24th of March. Sure, we’ve known that Netflix would be launching in Australia sometime soon but now we have official word from the company! From March 24, users will be able to subscribe to Netflix and instantly watch a curated selection of movies and TV shows in HD […]

TPG withdraws NBN competitor fibre service after Turnbull’s new rules

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Photo: Kainet/Flickr (Creative Commons) New rules imposed by the Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull have forced TPG to withdraw its superfast fibre-to-the-basement service, which competes with the National Broadband Network. As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald today, TPG posted on its website that it was advised of the new regulations on December 14 that precludes them from selling the service after January 1st of this year unless they taking certain […]

NZ ISP suffers massive outage after users downloaded malware linked to celebrity nude pics

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Spark New Zealand – the country’s largest internet service provider – suffered a massive outage lasting nearly thirty hours from last Friday. The outage saw its nearly 700,000 customer base having slow or no internet connectivity on their mobile phones or computers – all because some users on their network wanted to see nude pics of celebrities. According to local media, some users clicked on a link that claimed to […]

Chrome bug guzzling battery power since 2010

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Chrome has officially opened a bug report affecting Windows machines running Chrome. Since 2010, there has been an issue with the way Google Chrome returns from an idle state and as a result, is significantly affecting the battery life of the machine. Google recognised the issue after Forbes posted a report on the issue. The issue has been placed to the top of the issues list, therefore, we should expect […]

Internode covers Adelaide CBD with WiFi

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Internode have announced the AdelaideFree, an extension to the already operating Free WiFi network in central Adelaide. In partnership between the South Australian Government and Adelaide City Council, Internode has created a wireless network which provides internet access to over 30,000 people each day – powered by 300 wireless access points. The extension provides blanket coverage between North Terrace and Wakefield Street/Grote Street and broad access areas in the south city, […]

Microsoft boosts OneDrive space

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Microsoft have today announced that they’ll be making some changes to OneDrive, which includes doubling (and a little more) their free storage tier from 7GB to 15GB. Additionally, users with an Office 365 subscriptions will have their storage increase to a huge 1TB for the duration of the subscription. Microsoft is even slashing the prices for the standalone OneDrive plans, charging $2 a month for 100GB (previously $8.99 a month) […]

Telstra announces national Wi-Fi network – two million hotspots in five years

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Image: Stewart Wilson/TechGeek Telstra has confirmed rumours that it will create a national Wi-Fi network called “Telstra Wi-Fi”. Scheduled to launch in early 2015, it plans to have two million hotspots across the nation within five years and will be available to all – irrespective if you are a Telstra customer or not. In order to create the network, Telstra will build more than 8000 hotspots across the country in social precincts and community […]

AldiMobile slashes data on Unlimited plan

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The old saying “It’s too good to be true” is often said with cheap mobile deals and it couldn’t be more true with AldiMobile. AldiMobile has updated their unlimited plan which has halved the data allowance from 5GB to just 2.5GB. This is definitely a shame since the 5GB data allowance made it an attractive plan. It’s also notable that the included $10 of international credit with the unlimited plan […]

Telstra: Shared Data Plans are not long away

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Back in April, Telstra said they’ll start making Shared Data Plans available for consumers. Meaning you could share your data limit between your phone, your tablet and your laptop (or hotspot). Certainly a very handy feature for those with multiple devices or a single data cap for a family. When this was announced, we were told that we’d hear something “in the next few months”. Months have gone by but still […]

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