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Apple reverses EPEAT decision – all ‘eligible’ products back on the list

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Apple took the decision last week to ditch the EPEAT rating saying that it was “inconsistent” with its design practices, and now they have backfliped. It has reversed its decision to pull out of EPEAT, and has added back the products that were eligible on EPEAT. “We’ve recently heard from many loyal Apple customers who were disappointed to learn that we had removed our products from the EPEAT rating system. […]

Apple stops certifying products as green – design direction “no longer consistent”

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Apple has pulled the EPEAT certification off 39 desktop computers, laptops and monitors – including current and previous generations of the MacBook Pro and Air – telling the organisation that the ultra-thin design direction that it has embraced is “no longer consistent with [their] requirements.” “They were important supporters and we are disappointed that they don’t want their products measured by this standard anymore,” Robert Frisbee, CEO of EPEAT, told […]

Video: New Google data center cooled by nothing but seawater

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In 2009 Google bought a Finnish paper mill and in the process confused the world. But now Google has shown what their plans for the site were and how they’ve put them into action, with the announcement of a new data center cooled only by seawater from the nearby gulf. What an incredible effort Google.

Nokia brings out bike-powered phone recharger

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We’ve seen pedal power to recharge your iPod, but now your phone? Nokia has announced that it will sell an additional accessory that will use your wheel movement to power a dynamo (a small electrical generator) through the standard Nokia 2mm charging jack – though, you could also get an adaptor and just use it to power other electronics. It also comes with two small brackets, plus the generator and […]

Toyota Austalia issues recall on Prius hybrid

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Toyota’s recall of its Prius Hybrid car has now extended to Australia, after Toyota Australia announced that it will start a safety recall campaign on the current models of the Prius – which have been on sale since July of last year in Australia. This effects a total of 2,378 cars in Australia – joining the already 430,000 cars affected by the recall in Japan, the United States, Europe and […]

Old circuit boards used to make up 2010 Olympic medals

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Everybody craves to get a gold medal, because it means that for one day (or longer), you were the best at something out of the entire world. The Olympics are no exception, with the medal designs for both the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Paralympics games, both held in Vancouver, being unveiled today. But the medals are not exactly what we are here to discuss, but because they have […]

Use pedal power to charge your iPod

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  Dahon, maker of folding bikes, has now shown off another gizmo at the Eurobike show. Called the BioLogic FreeCharge, the silicone-encased box which hooks up with your bike’s generator hub and siphons the power to the box and then charges your gadgets via a USB port, which allows you to charge your iPhone, iPod and your mobile (if it has a USB connector that is used for power). Inside […]

Government considers recycling tax on computers, televisions

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The Federal Government is said to be considering on a new tax to pay for a new compulsory recycling program after a commissioned report was given to the Environment Protection and Heritage Council, which is made up of the federal and state environment ministers. The commissioned report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers said that the community and commercial behaviours have to change in relation to recycling, with a tax to pay for their […]

China to say bye bye to non-environmentally cars

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China might have found a permanent solution to that smoke that has been building up in Beijing for years, as starting next June, any vehicles with that have been labelled as “green” by local authorities will be the only cars that can enter the city centre. According to Gasgoo, vehicles will be rated either a green label or a yellow label, with certain roads restricted to yellow-labelled cars in Beijing. […]

A bench powered by solar energy

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Got to love green technology, and this is no exception. A park bench that uses solar energy to light up and power a Wi-Fi hotspot, and is made out of aluminium and recycled plastic – so it’s also environmentally friendly as well. Because of the design, the outer cover can be changed to “various environments of the park”. Unfortunately, this thing is sadly not in production, nor will it ever. […]

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