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Zane Lowe moving on from BBC Radio to work with Apple

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After ten years at BBC Radio, world-renowned talent Zane Lowe, who has been the face of BBC Radio 1’s award-winning New Music Show, is moving on. And the strangest thing of all? Like a few other recent tech/music hires, it’s towards tech giant Apple rather than another traditional radio creator. New Zealand-born Zowe, who was also just recently nominated for a GRAMMY Award thanks to his role in writing and produce Sam Smith’s […]

Facebook has a problem with “freebooting”, says YouTuber after Bauer Media steals his video

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A popular YouTube creator has attacked Facebook for profiting from “freebooting”, after one of his video was posted without his permission on the social network by German media publishing company Bauer Media. Destin Sandlin, the person behind Smarter Every Day, uploaded a video in September about getting a tattoo in slow motion. Zoo Magazine – owned by Bauer – then downloaded the video; removed all the education content, sponsors for […]

Netflix confirms Australia and New Zealand launch in March 2015

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After all the speculation and rumours (and the occasional hissyfit from Quickflix for not being fair), it all came down to one surprise announcement in the form of a press release. Yes, Netflix has finally confirmed that it will launch in Australia and New Zealand in March next year. “Internet-connected users in Australia and New Zealand will be able to subscribe to Netflix and instantly watch a curated selection of […]

ICYMI: Sync your reading progress between Kindle books and Audible audiobooks with Whispersync for Voice

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Time for some Real Talk: reading takes up a lot of time. Seriously, even with my happy-go-lucky uni lifestyle I can hardly get in 1 hour of reading on my Kindle every day, meaning I usually only read around 4 books a year. This is despite the fact that, somehow, I find the time to listen to around 10 hours worth of podcasts every week. But there’s a reason behind that divide: I […]

Spotify launches discounted Family plans, starting at $17.99/month

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In a move to add more paying subscribers and play catchup with some of its rivals, Spotify has announced on Monday that it would introduce family plans to bring cheaper subscriptions to its existing subscriber’s family members (or roommates). Under Spotify Family, up to five family members will be able to share one billing account but maintain separate accounts. Each family member will get all the benefits of Spotify Premium – including listening to […]

Songl streaming service to close just 18 months after launch

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Songl is no more. After just 18 months of life in the already crowded Australian streaming music circuit, the basic subscription service from Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) and partners Sony Music and Universal Music, has closed its doors to new customers. In a statement SCA have stated that they “have jointly been committed to (Songl) for the past two years. However, all stakeholders have moved their focus from this service into other music and content-based […]

Beyond The Verge: Joshua Topolsky leaves Vox Media for Bloomberg, while Nilay Patel returns as EIC

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It’s often been difficult to define exactly what Vox Media’s ‘The Verge’ is. Launched in 2011 by ex-AOL/Engadget bloggers Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, Chris Ziegler, just to name a few, The Verge, from the outset, looked like the ultimate technology publication. With a star-studded roster, joined by Vox Media’s unmatched video and product team, the website seemed to have a fresh focus and simple goal: to create content for a niche […]

Microsoft boosts OneDrive space

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Microsoft have today announced that they’ll be making some changes to OneDrive, which includes doubling (and a little more) their free storage tier from 7GB to 15GB. Additionally, users with an Office 365 subscriptions will have their storage increase to a huge 1TB for the duration of the subscription. Microsoft is even slashing the prices for the standalone OneDrive plans, charging $2 a month for 100GB (previously $8.99 a month) […]

Samsung Australia launches new Multiroom Audio speakers

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Last night, Samsung Australia officially launched the new Multiroom Audio speakers at an event in Sydney featuring Australian DJ duo, Flight Facilities. The new range of speakers include the M5 and M7 (pictured above) triangular speaker, a Soundbar and a Home Theatre System. When multiple speakers are paired with the M2 hub (RRP $79), you can group speakers together and play your music in perfect sync. “Home audio has come […]

Network Ten axes ‘Wake Up’ breakfast show, 150 other jobs

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It’s no secret that Network Ten has experienced difficulties in building and maintaining their audience in recent years. Today, after days of reports and leaks, Ten CEO Hamish McLennan has announced that the network will be cutting 150 jobs, including the staff of breakfast show, Wake Up, as well as the networks early, morning, and late news bulletins. Non-presenter jobs, such as the jobs of editors, floor managers, camera operators, and technicians will also be […]

triple j announces new digital station ‘double j’

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Before there was ‘real’ digital radio, the ABC was broadcasting a new kind of radio station to digital TVs across the country. In 2002, ABC DiG, as it was called at the time, was an automated radio station, more like a jukebox, focusing on a more contemporary Adult Alternative genre. With no presenters, it was just about the music, though was obviously a very low-budget affair. As the years have gone […]

Yahoo to poach YouTube stars for new video service

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Image: Magnus Hoij/Flickr (Creative Commons) Money makes the world go ’round, and Yahoo knows it. Today Recode is reporting that Yahoo will soon launch a new video service to take on YouTube. And while that might sound like a laughable endeavour, with YouTube yet to have a competitor steal their mainstream userbase, the company is hoping that the popularity of YouTube’s own stars is more important than the popularity of YouTube […]

Crossing the line: YouTube community in crisis as sexual assault allegations are made public

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The YouTube community has been rocked by allegations of sexual assault, emotional manipulation and inappropriate behaviour made by fans against some of the more popular members of the community. It all began last week when a former girlfriend of Tom Milsom, Olga, wrote in a Tumblr blog post that during her six-month relationship with the blue-haired musician, Milsom was abusive and coerced her into having sex with him.

Unreleased Daft Punk collaboration with Jay-Z leaks

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I love a good leaked song, and today’s delivery from Daft Punk and Jay-Z is definitely interesting. Originally created for Daft Punk’s 2010 soundtrack of Tron: Legacy, the song, called Computerized, is drizzled with Jay-Z, over the foundation of Random Access Memories-style electronic music. Featuring the French duo’s trademark, somewhat corny, appetite for the future, the song feels unfinished, with Jay-Z’s lyrics leaving something to be desired.  But it’s also […]

Vox Media to launch general-news website,, in 2014

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According to Ezra Klein, formerly of The Washington Post, “there’s a problem in journalism,” one where people don’t care about news. He compares the problem to “vegetables”, where you consume media not by choice, but because you feel you have to. You have an obligation to know what’s happening in the world, but don’t always understand, or even have incentive to care. Or at least, that’s the problem he describes […]

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