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Open webOS announced by HP with September release date

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In December 2011 HP announced that webOS, the OS featured on their failed HP TouchPad and HP Veer and Pre3, would be open sourced. Well today HP has revealed a timeline of when developers and people who want the OS will be able to get their hands on it. By September, HP expects the entire project to be finished. Meanwhile, Enyo, a webOS application framework that made its debut with […]

Microsoft opens up Messenger with an open standard (yes, I know)

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Microsoft seems to be in a developer friendly mood this year. With the opening of the Kinect API and trying to attract developers with a really good revenue sharing arrangement, Microsoft has announced that they will be opening its Windows Live Messaging network with XMPP. For those not in the know, XMPP is an open standard messaging protocol. Since it is open, networks supporting the standard can use several different […]

Source: Adobe to stop developing Flash Player for mobile, focuses on AIR

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Adobe appears to call the white flag on its mobile strategy. Unnamed sources are claiming that Adobe will announce soon that it will stop development in porting over the Flash Player on mobile devices and will focus on AIR. According to ZDNet, their source said: “Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the […]

Windows Phone 7 SDK to include multi-tasking, Camera API

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Windows Phone 7 users will be excited by this news (I know Stewart will), as Microsoft has announced an update to its application development toolkit for the mobile OS, which will include access to the Camera API and multi-tasking. While the iOS has these features, multi-tasking was only available since version 3.0, so it’s nice to see Microsoft pushing this out. Other additions to the toolkit include deeper integration with […]

Microsoft pushes users to (finally) stop using IE6

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It’s time. Microsoft has now started a brand new push to finally get rid of the scourge known as Internet Explorer with a brand new website to promote the killing off of the once-most popular browser in the entire world (back in the year 2001).

Mortal Kombat Ban Update + We Dare?

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It has been under a week since the Australian Classification Board had refused classification for the upcoming, highly anticipated Mortal Kombat game. There have been many cases where publishers whose games have been banned from sale have successfully changed the board’s decision by submitting a modified, toned down version. Even though these modifications are being made, most greatly affect gameplay and make the game less enjoyable. In the case of […]

British student protesters launch mobile app to avoid trouble

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While Egypt is amid protests, London is also facing another round of protests by students angry by their Government’s recent announcement of a rise in tuition fees. However, it appears modern technology will be taking a more active role, with a new mobile app designed to help them avoid trouble. Sukey is designed to allow protesters to be protected and also informed. The mobile app is set to go live […]

Google shows off its API collection – with the help of Mendeleev

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It appears that someone at Google has too much time on his hands. Google has released a new way to showcase how many APIs it has for its products, and trust me, there is a lot that it offers to developers – by putting them in a periodic table. Well, all those that it has made publicly available as of January of 2011 – expect this to change in a […]

W3C brings out a new logo for HTML5… wait, what?

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This, my fellow readers, is the new logo for HTML5. And you may be thinking, what the hell? Why does this have a logo? Well, its to make it easier to identify HTML5 websites – rather than looking up the code – and also does a good job of promoting the new technologies behind the new standard. “It stands strong and true, resilient and universal as the markup you write. […]

OpenBSD Security Flaw

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NEWS IN BRIEF: It has been revealed that since 10 years ago, back door software has been implemented into OpenBSD’s IPsec stack. Gregory Perry, a former developer of the operating system, has revealed that the FBI had paid developers to insert back door software into the operating system. This information has came about due to Perry’s NDA with the FBI has expired. Theo de Raadt, the developer of the operating […]

TGS: The Last Guardian (PS3) trailer

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Sony has released an HD trailer for upcoming game The Last Guardian. The trailer finally gives us a glimpse at what the gameplay will be like. The story involves the two main characters, a giant dog-like beast and a young boy. Together the two venture out into the world and solve puzzles, by using the beast to get the boy to high places and use his strength to move large […]

Duke Nukem Forever back from the dead!

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In some bizarre news this morning, Gearbox have unveiled a trailer and gameplay footage at the Penny Arcade Expo of Duke Nukem Forever, the game-to-be that was 12 years in production – and last year cancelled. Since 3D Realms have become bankrupt, Gearbox have secretly taken over work on the game. Gearbox are most notable for last years shooter/RPG game, Borderlands. Check out the video below for some (off-screen) gameplay […]

Mortal Kombat “Shadows” trailer released

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Warner Bros. Interactive and NetherRealm Studios have released “Shadows”, the new trailer for upcoming ultra-gore fest Mortal Kombat to be released in 2011 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Opening with classic characters shadows fighting each other to Disturbed’s new single “Another Way to Die”, it will get you as pumped for the game as we are at Techgeek.

Android to introduce new payment method for apps

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Android users will soon have the option to pay for their applications via an alternative method than using a Google Checkout account – by paying it later when they get their monthly bills from your carrier. The revelations come after a change in the Developer Distribution Agreement that prepares for “introducing new payment options” for the Android Market. Developers will have 30 days to accept the new agreement. The new […]

Firefox 4 Beta 1 released for download

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Well, took them long enough. Mozilla has released the first beta of Firefox 4, the upcoming update to the second-most popular browser. As you can tell, it is a substantial redesign to the user interface, taking on what Google Chrome (and now Opera) has done by moving the tabs at the top. Other improvements is a new Add-Ons manager and improvements on how HD video is played using HTML5.

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