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Telstra pulls out of New Zealand – sells TelstraClear to Vodafone

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Telstra has announced that it has sold its wholly owned New Zealand subsidiary TelstraClear to Vodafone New Zealand for NZ$840 million (or AU$660 million); and hence, pulling out of the New Zealand market. The deal sees Vodafone New Zealand, founded in 1998 and is the largest mobile phone operator in the country, acquiring its customer-base, network infrastructure and voice/data services. It also means that Vodafone New Zealand would be entering […]

The NBN, service providers and you … what could go wrong?

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Image: NBN Co Unless you’ve been boycotting all forms of media in the past five years, you’ll be aware that the National Broadband Network (NBN) is well and truly on its way. For some of us the NBN is already here, and for others it will hopefully arrive in a year or two. But for most Australians, the NBN will not arrive for five to ten years. The NBN rollout […]

Optus, Vodafone extend network agreement, includes 4G services

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Optus and Vodafone have announced an expansion of its mobile network joint venture agreement that will see both sides access additional sites, with Optus claiming wider coverage to nearly 1,000 more towers across Australia. The new deal will see more 3G, and now 4G coverage, throughout the major capital cities on the mainland, in addition to Geelong, the Central Coast and Gold Coast; and will also see Optus becoming the […]

FULL TEXT: Convergence Review Final Report

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Image: Luc De Leeuw/Flickr (Creative Commons) The Australian Government has released the full report of its Convergence Review – and for those who did not know what that was, it was to evaluate the future of Australia’s media and communications laws. Some of the key findings include a new regulatory framework for spectrum, media ownership and – as noted by a leak by The Australian – news standards. “The Gillard […]

Optus launches 4G in Newcastle, ahead of capital cities roll out from mid-2012

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Optus’ awaited 4G network is taking shape, with the telco announcing that it will start 4G coverage in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley regions from next week. This announcement comes after Telstra’s announcement that it will be expanding its 4G network to the region. According to its media release, Optus will be offering these services for free to its customers residing in the areas. They will be used to provide […]

Pebble E-Paper watch for iPhone and Android breaks Kickstarter records [fixed]

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Crowd-sourced funding is beginning to look like the next big thing, with another Kickstarter project breaking funding records .Kickstarter allows anybody to invest in an idea or product, giving as much money as they would like, with rewards being given to those who spend more money. If a project does not reach its goal, set by the creator, then no money is sent. Pebble, the latest Kickstarter success story, is […]

Telstra announces long-awaited return of the Gold Phone

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We’ve been dreaming about the return of the Telstra Gold Phone and it appears our dreams are Telstra’s commands. The return of the infamous 80s phone-box has been revealed via the companies Twitter and Facebook page, as well as a teaser page with extra details. Not only does the phone return with the retro-styled push-button dialpad, but the machine also has a great big “follow-on” button. While we could detail […]

Huawei banned in NBN supplier bid due to ASIO’s fears of army ties

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Photo: Kainet/Flickr (Creative Commons) The Australian Government reportedly stopped Chinese mobile equipment maker Huawei Technologies from bidding to become a major supplier to the National Broadband Network, over fears of cyber attacks from China and its CEO’s links to the army. According to The Australian Financial Review, the Attorney-General’s office told the company that they were banned – despite a reported endorsement by NBN Co’s technology department. That advice was […]

Box Cloud Storage Giving Away 50GB To Android Users

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Box, who provide online cloud storage, have announced that they are going to upgrade all Android Box user’s accounts and give them 50GB worth of storage. This is in an effort to get teams who work on the go or who are just looking for online collaboration on Box. Box’s service is akin to other cloud providers like DropBox, except Box is aimed at those who want online collaboration. This […]

Google Chrome Beta lands on the Android Market

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As if Google Chrome OS wasn’t irrelevant enough, Google has today announced a beta for Google Chrome on Android. It’s only available in select countries, which includes Australia, and only works on Android 4.0, or Ice-Cream Sandwich. The browser looks similar to the default Android browser on Android phones, and looks very much like desktop Chrome on tablets. The benefits include syncing your bookmarks and tabs between the desktop version and […]

Latest Skype version adds Facebook video chat, group screen sharing

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The latest update of Skype (version 5.8) for Windows is now available. The update, while fixing some bugs, also brings several key new features – including full HD video calling, Facebook video calling and group desktop sharing. The full HD video is currently supported by one camera – the Logitech C920 webcam. This is because the encoding is done inside the camera, rather than Skype. So, if you want to […]

Open webOS announced by HP with September release date

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In December 2011 HP announced that webOS, the OS featured on their failed HP TouchPad and HP Veer and Pre3, would be open sourced. Well today HP has revealed a timeline of when developers and people who want the OS will be able to get their hands on it. By September, HP expects the entire project to be finished. Meanwhile, Enyo, a webOS application framework that made its debut with […]

Wikipedia to blackout for 24 hours in protest of SOPA and PIPA this Wednesday

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This is absolutely insane. For a few days Reddit has been making news for their 12 hour blackout on Wednesday in protest of SOPA/PIPA. Meanwhile, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has been planning a much more drastic and mainstream protest for the controversial bill. From around 4-5PM (approximately) AEST on Wednesday 18th of January, Wikipedia will go down for 24 hours. And we should make this clear: For 24 […]

Australia Network to remain with the ABC

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Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has announced the fate of Australia’s international broadcaster, Australia Network. The network will remain with the ABC, and it will stay with the national broadcaster permanently. The move to keep the network with the ABC, who currently holds the contract to do so until 2012, comes after a failed tender process which had been compromised by leaks. The tender process was then scrapped in November, and […]

RUMOUR MILL: HP holding “all-hands” meeting tonight, finally decide the fate of webOS [update]

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UPDATE: Rumours are intensifying after Meg Whitman, current CEO of HP, told a room of HP and Palm employees that a final decision to continue or not continue to support the fledgling webOS will come in three to four weeks. She says that “It’s really important to me to make the right decision, not the fast decision” and that if HP does decide to keep the platform it will “do […]

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