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Australia To Become 5G World Leader

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A Parliament-first inquiry into 5G mobile technology in Australia tabled its report in the House yesterday. Committee Chair Dr David Gillespie says the inquiry saw the need for 5G to connect Australia and allow for a wave of innovation and opportunities not seen before “The Committee heard that Australia has the opportunity to be a 5G world leader. “ How Australia will get there The committee has agreed that the following recommendations have […]

Amaysim to introduce 4G plans in April

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Amaysim has announced that it will soon be offering 4G plans, after the prepaid mobile operator renewed a wholesale agreement with Optus today. Previously, Amaysim has only been able to offer plans on Optus’ older 3G network. The company says that they plan to introduce 4G plans around Easter next year. Optus says that by the time Amaysim starts offering their 4G plans, its 4G network will cover 90 percent of the Australian […]

Vodafone customers take advantage of the ‘truly unlimited’ data weekend

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Vodafone customers have just enjoyed a weekend of ‘truly unlimited’ data after an outage that affected customers nationwide for a few hours on Thursday. Vodafone’s Chief Technology Officer Benoit Hanssen said “We know our customers had a less than perfect network experience today and we want them to know we’re sorry. We want to make good by offering them unlimited data access all weekend.” According to a report by the Sydney […]

System error brought down Optus network

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A system error on Thursday brought down customers on the Optus network. Affecting customers nationwide, customers were unable to make or receive calls, texts and use their data allowance for an extended period of time. According to information provided to TechGeek by Optus and a report by the Australian Financial Review, the error was caused by thousands of IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers being added to the stolen database […]

Vodafone makes it right – free data all weekend

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While we didn’t report on it yesterday, Vodafone also faced major network issues. Firstly starting in Western Australia, customers were unable to access data services via 3G and 4G. Customers took to social media like Twitter and Facebook to express their frustration at loosing data service – some quoting that mobile data was their only source of communication. According to a press release from Vodafone, the service disruption was due […]

Optus facing nationwide network issues

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Australian Telco, Optus are currently facing network wide technical issues on their mobile network. Users are taking their complaints to Facebook and Twitter to vent their frustration. According to the customers, phones are reporting that they’re not registered on the network or have been blocked from the Optus network. This isn’t only affecting Optus users, both Virgin and Amaysim customers (which use the Optus network) are also reporting issues. According to […]

Optus updates mobile plans, introduces data sharing

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Optus appears to be listening to its customers, as the company today announced a couple of changes to its mobile phone plans. The second-placed telco will increase the included voice and data caps on all of its My Plan products, and will allow customers to share their mobile plan’s data across multiple devices. The $60 My Plan will now get unlimited included minutes to standard Australian mobile and landline phone numbers, […]

One Telecom/ONEseniors services cancelled, existing numbers lost

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If you cast your mind back to August of last year, you might remember about the huge ispONE fiasco that cancelled over 280,000 mobile phone services due to unpaid Telstra invoices. Two major resellers, Kogan Mobile and Aldi Mobile were stuck in the middle while Telstra and ispONE worked out their differences in court. However, there were still a number of customers from both One Telecom and ONEseniors (retail arms of ispONE) which […]

Facebook to buy WhatsApp for US$16 billion

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Image: Jan Persiel/Flickr (Creative Commons) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that popular cross-platform mobile messaging app, WhatsApp, will become a part of the Facebook in a sale worth US$16 billion in cash and stock. The service, which is used by 450 million people every month, will remain separate from Facebook Messenger, with continued operations of the company to be independent. While this doesn’t rule out future integration with Messenger, […]

AldiMobile slashes data on Unlimited plan

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The old saying “It’s too good to be true” is often said with cheap mobile deals and it couldn’t be more true with AldiMobile. AldiMobile has updated their unlimited plan which has halved the data allowance from 5GB to just 2.5GB. This is definitely a shame since the 5GB data allowance made it an attractive plan. It’s also notable that the included $10 of international credit with the unlimited plan […]

Vodafone extends $5-a-day international roaming to Europe

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Vodafone Australia has expanded its $5-a-day international roaming cap – previously limited to the United States the United Kingdom and New Zealand – to 34 more countries in Europe, including France, Germany and Italy. However, in order to take advantage of this, you will need to be a Vodafone Red subscriber. From October 7, Vodafone Red customers will be able to use their existing plan allowances for $5 a day […]

Telstra announces their long-awaited shared data plans

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After announcing them in April (and reconfirming that they will do so in August), Telstra has finally released details about their shared data plans – allowing you to have one plan with multiple devices sharing the data allowance. The shared data plans come as an add-on to your existing plan. You will have to pay an additional $10 per month to have the privilege to share data, and another $10 per […]

China to lift block on Facebook and Twitter – but only in a small part of Shanghai

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Image: tengri555/Flickr (Creative Commons) The Chinese Government is reportedly planning to lift the block on foreign websites it considers politically sensitive – like Facebook, Twitter and the New York Times – but only for those living within the proposed Shanghai Free-Trade Zone, according to anonymous government sources talking to the South China Morning Post. Both Facebook and Twitter have been blocked from the country since 2009, while the New York […]

Telstra: Shared Data Plans are not long away

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Back in April, Telstra said they’ll start making Shared Data Plans available for consumers. Meaning you could share your data limit between your phone, your tablet and your laptop (or hotspot). Certainly a very handy feature for those with multiple devices or a single data cap for a family. When this was announced, we were told that we’d hear something “in the next few months”. Months have gone by but still […]

Optus announces plans to reduce bill shock with a $10/day plan with a 30MB daily data cap

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Image: williamcho/Flickr (Creative Commons) Optus has today announced that they will follow Vodafone’s plans in reducing global roaming charges – albeit in a different way. The company will merge its five roaming zones into two, and will introduce for post-paid plans “Travel Packs” which will set you back $10 a day. However, if you’re a huge data user, then these plans are terrible. Zone One will include New Zealand, the […]

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