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Regional radio stations pull online streams due to licensing issues, metro stations might be next

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Image: Fod Tzellos/Flickr (Creative Commons) Within a couple of weeks, you might not be able to listen to your favourite radio stations online. After being unable to come to a new licensing agreement with the music industry, nearly 200 regional radio stations will end their live simulcasts with all metropolitan stations threatening to go dark as well. The stations – represented by Commercial Radio Australia – join Grant Broadcasters in ending their […]

Oneflare to give back domain used for spam back to original owners

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Late last month, we brought you a story about an Australian startup Oneflare acquiring a domain name of a well-known site that had expired and repurposed it for spam. Well, the story has a happy ending as Oneflare has told Nieman Journalism Labs that they are donating back the domain to its rightful owners – the University of Southern California. “We’re extremely apologetic about what happened,” Lim told Nieman. He also […]

Channel Nine rumoured to create Netflix-like service

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Image: espensorvik/Flickr (Creative Commons) The Nine Network is said to be launching their very own Netflix-like streaming service in the latter half of next year and are in the middle of informal talks with its rivals to provide content for the upcoming site. According to the Australian, the new service would feature content from its existing Warner Brothers output deal (with access to movies such as the Harry Potter series […]

Australian startup Oneflare accused of ‘repurposing’ another website for spam

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If you happen to own domain names, it really does suck when you accidentally forget to renew them. Especially when an Australian startup decides to acquire it for the purposes of using your reputation on Google to promote their new product. This happened to the Online Journalism Review – a relatively popular website in during the early days of Web 2.0 that covered how old journalism was adapting to new technology – where a Sydney-based startup called Oneflare managed to acquire their domain name when it expired.

[REDACTED] is angry after Kogan ‘leak’ uses their name

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If you haven’t heard, today is [REDACTED]. But the organisers are in the news today after it reportedly sent a cease-and-desist letter to Kogan for using the [REDACTED] trademark in its “leak” press release stunt. Yes, this is apparently a tech news story. It should be noted that Kogan isn’t officially part of the [REDACTED] event that’s happening today. In a response to The Age, Kogan says that a national online sales […]

For anyone who cares, ClickFrenzy is back for Nov 19

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After that massive fail back last year, the guys over at ClickFrenzy have not given up their attempt to make an Australian equivalent of the US online shopping phenomenon known as “Cyber Monday”. Those who were lazy not to unsubscribe from their mailing list – me included – have been told that the next ClickFrenzy will be on November 19. And no one cared. For those who need a refresher, […]

Steve Ballmer decides to retire, will leave Microsoft in a year

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Steve Ballmer has called it a day, with the CEO of Microsoft announcing that he plans to retire within 12 months. Ballmer has been in the position since 2000, succeeding Bill Gates, but only gained full control of the company when Gates decided to leave his day-to-day operations in 2009. “There is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but now is the right time,” Ballmer said in […]

Telstra to terminate Kogan Mobile customers

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UPDATE 20/08: Kogan Mobile have responded. The end is near for Kogan Mobile Customers. After the recent news that ispONE has terminated their contact with Telstra, a statement has been released by Telstra stating how they’ll be closing off the remaining services. Aldi Mobile, one of the other resellers of ispONE will be continuing their services as a direct customer due to a deal made between the two companies. Due to […]

ispONE appoints Administrators and cancels Telstra contract

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Telstra Wholesale Services provider, ispONE has appointed resellers and have cancelled the contract to resell Telstra services. ispONE providers 280,000 prepaid services is currently in court with Telstra in regards to unpaid invoices. According to the Financial Review, the Federal Court dismissed the case between ispONE and Telstra which also dissolved the injunction placed to stop Telstra from cancelling the prepaid services. The cancellation of the Telstra contact will directly affect […]

Why Sony was right in rejecting Dan Loeb’s proposal

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Image: Steve.M~ (Flickr/Creative Commons) Sony’s struggles have been widely recounted as it attempts to maintain relevance in a two speed consumer electronics space where hardware is becoming increasingly commoditised, and software and services increasingly more exclusive. Dan Loeb of Third Point – a hedge fund which owns an almost 7% stake in Sony – has been vocal in suggesting changes for the fledgling company, and as arguably Sony’s most prominent […]

ispONE Wholesale customers are safe… for now

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ispONE, the company who provides mobile services for over 280,000 customers are currently the largest (and only) wholesale provider for the Telstra 3G network. However, the company is involved in a legal dispute with Telstra over unpaid invoices and may take down 280,000 mobile services with it. ispONE acts as an intermediary between Telstra and resellers such as Kogan Mobile and Aldi Mobile. Telstra is claiming that ispONE have unpaid invoices […]

Hackagong 2013 – Winners Announced

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Hackagong, a Wollongong based Hackathon ran over the weekend where teams of developers, designers and entrepreneurs get together and hack out a solution to a problem they’ve identified. In an intense weekend of designing, programming, testing and prototyping, 150 participants in 34 teams had just under 30 hours to present their creation to judges to be in the running for over $32,000 worth of prizes. At the conclusion of the Hackathon, notable judges […]

BitCoin exchange Mt. Gox ends relationship with Technocash

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Australian BitCoin holders with accounts with Japanese-based BitCoin exchange Mt. Gox will no longer be able to deposit and withdraw cash in Australian Dollars from June 15 through Technocash, after its local money-transfer partner was linked to one of the biggest global money laundering schemes. “After some deliberation and discussion with Technocash, an Australian service for Mt. Gox customer account funding and withdrawals, it has been decided that our customers […]

Yahoo eyes Tumblr – but will it acquire it?

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According to anonymous sources talking to AllThingsD, Yahoo is rumoured to be negotiating a deal for either a strategic alliance, a small investment in the company, or even a complete buyout of the blogging platform Tumblr – all because they want to become “cool again”. AllThingsD reports that CEO Marissa Mayer has been interested in the service for some time, and has met with its top executives, including its CEO and founder David […]

Microsoft, Apple, Adobe face the IT pricing inquiry – the TL;DR version

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Image: Mark Pegrum/OzMark17 via Flickr (Creative Commons) Adobe, Apple and Microsoft faced the IT pricing inquiry today, after they were subpoenaed to face the committee after they were stonewalling proceedings. It has been a really long day, and so we’ve decided to condense everything down into this little handy post. Think of it as your TL;DR version of the entire event. The main points: Apple says that the reason why there […]

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