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Highest-performing quantum simulator IN THE WORLD delivered to Japan

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Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, introduced the world’s first commercially available quantum simulator capable of simulating up to 40 quantum bits, or “Qubits”, which translates to very fucking fast. The simulator, named ‘Atos Quantum Learning Machine’, is powered by an ultra-compact supercomputer and a universal programming language. Quantum computing is a key priority for Japan. It launched a dedicated ten-year, 30 billion yen (.. aka US$280 million / […]

The 10-million-dollar Epidemic Preparedness project: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invest

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KT and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have entered into an agreement to fund KT’s pandemic response solutions based on AI and Big Data to prepare for pandemics such as COVID-19. South Korea’s largest telecommunications company, KT Corp, announced a three-year research study today funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for ICT-based global epidemic response using artificial intelligence and Big Data analysis. The 10-million-dollar project stems from the recognition of South Korea’s advanced […]

Australia wins first “AI Eurovision Song Contest” by sampling Koala, Kookaburras, and Tasmanian Devils

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The Australian team named Uncanny Valley has won the, very unique, AI Eurovision Song Contest with a track entitled Beautiful the World. Beautiful the World is largely written using artificial intelligence. The team trained their machine with audio samples of koalas, kookaburras and Tasmanian devils, giving the song a unique Australian twist. It also carries a positive social message: after the huge forest fires that ravaged the country over  the past year […]

Melbournes Monash University researchers using AI to reduce hospital readmissions

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Monash University researchers have developed a solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better understand the cause of hospital readmissions, in turn improving health outcomes and reducing the financial burden on the health system. In the biggest study of its kind in Australia, researchers applied AI technology to examine 10 years’ worth of patient medical records, looking at 14,000 records and examining the details of over 327,000 hospital readmissions. We’ve seen […]

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