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Mythbuster: Robots will take our jobs

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In the 2020s, as the technology behind artificial intelligence matures to business as usual, the conversation around it will shift to understanding its place in society. Still, today the comment ‘robots will take our jobs’ is a common concern of everyday participants in the economy. The conversation must turn to how artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the workforce, calling out many cognitive tasks, like administrative, legal and accounting tasks, […]

Brisbane tech revolutionising pizza and roulette

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Queensland University of Technology students, Jackson Grant, Greyden Scott and Oliver Collins were enjoying some downtime between studies, having a few laughs over pizza and beers in the QUT Foundry when they dreamed up Pizza Roulette, a game of chance and pizza.

New marketing tech reduces Google ads spend waste

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For the past decade, I’ve run paid search campaigns, specifically Google ads, for employers and also some of my clients. Sometimes I’ve been hands-on with a campaign and managed these myself from keyword research, ad creation to optimisation. On other occasions, I’ve had budget available to outsource the execution to an agency.

6 Reasons Why IoT is a Vital Aspect of Digital Reality

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic these days. Offering an ecosystem where companies gather, measure, and transmit heaps of data, IoT has opened up a world of possibilities. Businesses can collect invaluable data, gain insights into future trends, and come up with research-backed solutions. IoT gives them greater flexibility and enhances the lifetime value of their assets. IoT devices that are gradually marking their territory in the […]

Government Grills Mark Zuckerberg over Cryptocurrency Platform

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The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, attended a congressional session on last Wednesday. His next ‘big idea’ of the globally renowned social network to foray in cryptocurrency was met with tremendous disdain. Libra is an about-to-be-launched cryptocurrency, which is securely backed by international assets. Its calling card is the ability to spend it anywhere all over the world. This also poses a ‘big if’ for the central banks and governments […]

“Your personal data stored with us is not safe”: Early warning alert service breached

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Screenshot of the alert An Australian early warning service has suffered a significant security breach, with customers receiving emails, text messages and phone calls that their personal data is not safe. “EWN has been hacked. Your personal data stored with us is not safe. We are trying to fix the security issues,” the message said. EWN has confirmed that the message came from the hacker and not from them. Early […]

Hello again

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Photo: Ash Edmonds/Unsplash It’s been a while. Sorry for the long and unexpected hiatus. I just needed a break from being a pseudo tech journalist. A really long break. And no, I didn’t go to public relations. The truth was that I needed a break because I was struggling to keep up with everything I had in my life. Maintaining a graduate job in a tech consulting firm, while running […]

Groupon Australia: move to Ireland is “business simplification”, not about tax

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Groupon has quietly announced to its users that will move all of its marketplace operations to its Irish subsidiary, Groupon International Limited, in order to simplify its business procedures with non-US customers. In an email, it said: Groupon Australia Pty Ltd will be transitioning operation of its marketplace and services. Groupon International Limited… will become the operator of and marketplace effective January 18, 2017. Local vouchers, goods, and travel deals will continue […]

2G shutdown forces Melbourne Bike Share offline

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If you were one of the few people that used Melbourne’s bicycle sharing program to get around the city, you would have noticed the entire thing has been offline for the last couple of days. Well, turns out, the 2G network shutdown caused some “technical glitches” in their system. According to the ABC, the bike share stations relied on the 2G network to send back information to its systems and – […]

Vic Minister of Innnovation Philip Dalidakis throws some shade at StartCon

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It was inevitable that StartCon was going to be brought up when Philip Dalidakis, the Victorian Minister for Innovation, came up on stage at this year’s Future Assembly. For those unaware, StartCon is this massive startup conference organised by Freelancer in Sydney. In 2015, the Victorian Government announced that it “poached” the event and that it will be hosted in Melbourne for a couple of years, starting in 2016. It was […]

This LastPass bug could reveal your password on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

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If you happen to use LastPass and have the brand new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar, then we suggest you avoid using the macOS app for the time being. Why? You could be at risk of revealing your master password when logging into the service. In other words, you could accidentally reveal the password to access all your passwords. And yes, that is very scary news indeed. First revealed by […]

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