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I’m with Kogan Mobile… Where do I go now?

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As you may have heard, Kogan Mobile customers are slowly but surely being terminated from the Telstra network due to a dispute between ispONE and Telstra. Those of you who are currently on Kogan Mobile may be thinking… Where do I go now? Unfortunately, you probably won’t be getting as great a deal as you have but there are certainly some comparable offers from carriers. Here’s a run down of […]

Where can I get student discounts on tech and software?

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Many places offer discounts for students – whether it is through deals with student associations, student programs or by their own accord. For tech and software, there aren’t a lot of places that offer such a discount. However, for those that do, they are either heavily discounted or for free. So we’ve decided to collate the best tech and software student discounts and put them in this handy little guide. […]

Twitter for Android sucks? Here are NINE alternative clients to use

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Update: February 4 with Carbon. Think that the official Twitter app for Android sucks, or have you just outgrown it and need some better features – like tweet muting or Facebook integration? Do you want to have a snappier or even better-designed Twitter client? There are a lot of clients out there – but it seems for Android, there isn’t a go-to alternative to the official one. For iOS, it […]

The Beginner’s Guide to

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Got an account, or want to know what is? Have no fear, we have created a “Beginner’s Guide” on and explore the growing community and app ecosystem of, and explain some of the differences between this and Twitter. Of course, this isn’t the complete guide as does change (especially given it is in alpha) – so if you have any additions to this list, feel […]

10 BEST places to find and listen to music – for FREE

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I did a similar tip back a year back – and literally, it’s just a year old – and now I’ve decided to rehash the tip again. Why? Well, the fact is that there are plenty of new services I just discovered and the fact that a flood of streaming services have just within a year opened their doors – the most recent one being Pandora. So, why not update […]

5 iGoogle Alternatives You Should Consider

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People love their iGoogle, but Google has announced that it will be killed off the personalised portal on November 1 next year. Why? Well, they are killing it so they can focus “our energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference.” Fans are screaming for it to survive, but unless Google managed to change their minds, you have around a year to find an alternative. We […]

How to stop your friends event-spamming you on Facebook – the easy way

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For many – like me, being a university student – peopleassume that you want to see some event in the city at some random nightclub with a cheesy name. While I’m flattered, once or twice is enough – thrice or more and you’re basically spamming me. If I don’t show up, sending it to me fifteen times is not making me reconsider. And if you are tired of the event […]

Sydney Public Transport App Wrap-Up for iOS

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Since Tom and Terence are writing these things, it’s only logical for me to write one about Sydney! Since the iOS App Store has a huge range of Apps available to download, it’s sometimes hard to pick the right App for what you need. This post will attempt to ease that frustration and help you pick the right up for getting you around the public transport system in Sydney.

5+ TECH GIFTS IDEAS for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is approaching, and if you’re still struggling to give your mum a gift or looking for some ideas, we have given you our five choices what you should give your mum on that special day. No, we won’t be giving tips like getting her a gift certificate to a spa resort. We went down the more practical and techie route. So here are our five suggestions on what […]

Melbourne Public Transport App Wrap-Up for Windows Phone

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Tom did a guide for Android, and now I’m doing one for Windows Phone. While we have constantly mocked Windows Phone for having some very sub-par applications, there are little gems that are really brilliant. So, here are some of the top applications – both web and mobile apps – that will help you get around Melbourne’s transport system. At least it’s a bit easier to understand than Sydney’s own […]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Here’s how to get it!

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Microsoft has finally pushed out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, as promised, from a Windows 8 event at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. Not only is this version improved from the Developer Preview, with 100 000 changes, but it also includes plenty of Metro applications not seen in the previous Preview, such as Mail, Music, Calendar, Messaging, Video and a Marketplace to get more apps. And anyone can download […]

HOW TO watch the Daily Show, Colbert Report abroad with no VPN

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If you were like me, you were pretty upset when ABC had to pull The Daily Show and the Colbert Report from air after Foxtel acquired exclusivity of the two. And in Australia, the only way to watch them was via Foxtel or acquire it via different means. But, their geoblock is not like the ones you see on Hulu. It has a weak spot, which we have found. The […]

5 THINGS TO DO when making a PowerPoint presentation

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I’ve seen my fair share of horrible PowerPoint presentations, and I’ve noticed that they tend to follow common trends. So, I’ve decided to compile what I see from these very bad (and often nightmarish) presentations with my very own knowledge of how I design presentations to give you a guide on the 5 Things To Do when you make are making presentation in PowerPoint. Also, while it is not included, […]

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