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Prepare Yourself: Doctor Who has a full length trailer for Season 8

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Prepare yourself Whovians! Doctor Who’s Season 8 trailer is ready to be watched and gives us a glimpse of the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. The new trailer features a flaming TARDIS, Daleks, Dinosaurs and a rather frightened Clara Oswald. While not strictly “techy”, this definitely appeals to some of our geeky sides. I’m excited for the new Doctor Who season and I’m sure many of you are as well. Will you be watching […]

Cards Against Humanity is coming to Australia, seeking submissions for local edition

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Today has been a big day for tech news: we had the announcement of the LG G3, Microsoft showed off its new real-time translator for Skype, and Google Chromecast is finally here in Australia. To be honest, however, all of them pale in comparison with the news I bring you – that the infamous card game Cards Against Humanity is finally coming to Australia. The news was announced on Facebook by Critical Hit […]

Crossing the line: YouTube community in crisis as sexual assault allegations are made public

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The YouTube community has been rocked by allegations of sexual assault, emotional manipulation and inappropriate behaviour made by fans against some of the more popular members of the community. It all began last week when a former girlfriend of Tom Milsom, Olga, wrote in a Tumblr blog post that during her six-month relationship with the blue-haired musician, Milsom was abusive and coerced her into having sex with him.

Melbourne played host to another Grand Prix – all to find the best Magic player

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Melbourne will soon play host again for the F1 Australian Grand Prix on March 13, but did you know that the sporting capital played host to another Grand Prix? Australia’s first Magic the Gathering Grand Prix for the year was held in Melbourne last weekend. The Grand Prix is a huge event open to any players who wish to register, taking two days to find the best Magic player. The main event […]

Cut Copy’s 3D printed open source music video

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Aussie indietronica band Cut Copy have teamed up with awesome Japanese creative collective Party (I highly recommend checking out their past work) to create their newest music video for the funky song ‘We Are Explorers’ off of their most recent album ‘Free Your Mind’. The end product is a cute little video in which a pair of miniature 3D-printed characters partakes in a series of adventures around an urban setting at night. […]

Meet Clusterfuck! – a card game about hooking up with friends, from the creators of Cards Against Humanity

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The creators of Cards Against Humanity – the highly-popular politically incorrect card game – have released their new card game called Clusterfuck! And as the name suggests, the game is all about hooking up with your friends to have – according to the instructions – “one unforgettable threesome”. The game is separated into two phases: the first is passing notes, trying to secretly organise with other players to hook up. Once that is […]

Sherlock fans outraged at “hurtful” reading of fanfiction at Q&A

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Screenshot of a video recording of the reading (Image: Terence Huynh/TechGeek) Two days ago, several fans and journalists were lucky enough to go and see an exclusive screening of the first episode of the new season of Sherlock, The Empty Hearse, which will go out on New Years Day in the UK. However, fans of the show are now angry after the Q&A’s host decided to embarrass a fan by having […]

Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special, Sherlock Series 3 trailers released

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SPOILERS! If you haven’t watched The Day of the Doctor that was on ABC1 earlier this morning and instead waiting for it to appear on iView, watch it in cinemas in 3D, or waiting for its repeat at 7:30pm – then you probably should avoid this post. The BBC has released two new trailers just after the airing of The Day of the Doctor – one ten second teaser of the upcoming Christmas […]

Meet slash – the ‘Cards Against Humanity’ for fanfiction

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Ever thought Belle from Beauty and the Beast and the Bride of Frankenstein could ever fall in love? How about Captain Jack Harkness and Captain Hammer from Dr Horrible Sing-a-long Blog? Or even the Golden Girls with Edward Cullen or Jacob Black from Twilight? These might be disturbing pairings, but that is the aim of the game with a brand new game called slash: romance without boundaries. It is pretty much similar to Cards […]

Does Night Vale shows us how uncomfortable we are with the unknown?

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It is the world’s most popular podcast, but are we comfortable of not knowing the mysteries of Welcome to Night Vale – not just the plot, but the visual depictions of the main characters and the entire world? That’s a question posed by one of my favourite YouTube channels, PBS Idea Channel. Host Mike Rugnetta explores the idea that what makes us uncomfortable is not the unknown and strange mysteries in […]

You can now buy ‘The Internet’ from Etsy

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In another installment of our semi-recurring series “Things Found on Etsy“, you can own the entire Internet – usually found on the top of Big Ben, for the best reception – from the Elders of the Internet, so you can impress your friends and shareholders. Its surprisingly small, and is completely wireless. Yeah, I can’t keep this up. This is a fan-made recreation of the famous “The Internet” box from […]

Welcome To Night Vale: What is Normal?

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A podcast from a small desert town called Night Vale has suddenly become the number-one podcast on the iTunes charts worldwide, beating Hamish and Andy and the venerable This American Life for the top spot. However, there is one tiny thing you need to know about Night Vale – it isn’t real. Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast, formatted as a local radio show based in the town of Night Vale. […]

Peter Capaldi announced as the next Doctor

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Peter Capaldi, known for his work on The Thick of It and The Hour, has been announced as the Twelfth Doctor by the BBC in a live broadcast simulcast in America, Canada and Australia. Capaldi will replace the current Doctor, Matt Smith, at the end of the show’s Christmas Special. The choice was not entirely a complete shock, with Capaldi suddenly becoming the bookies favourite in the last week or so. Capaldi, […]

TechGeek Weekly 127: Doctor Who?

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We are a couple of hours away from the BBC announcing who will play the Twelfth Doctor, so why not speculate and discuss the wide-ranging field of people who could succeed Matt Smith? Could the next Doctor be American, female or – dare I say it – ginger? Join us in a special TechGeek Weekly with our friends over at Ausdroid as we discuss who will be Number 12. What do […]

BBC releases Sherlock series 3 teaser

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Moffat, you big tease. First the Doctor Who announcement (which is going to air on ABC1 live in Australia at 4am), now this? The BBC has aired a teaser of the new series of Sherlock, premiering after its repeat showing of Series 2. The trailer doesn’t spoil anything, but I’m still excited about it. No date has been set for Series 3 by the BBC, but is likely to air […]

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