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Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta ‒ Behind the Scenes [GALLERY]

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During this year’s HaloFest, 343 Industries gave us a sneak peek at the Halo 5: Guardians beta starting next month. One of the biggest changes to the game are Spartan Abilities, giving players more maneuverability and power on the battlefield. Three new maps were revealed ‒ Truth, Empire and Crossfire, a new game-mode named Breakout, and an Energy Sword power-weapon variant named the ‘Prophet’s Bane’ There are a lot of new changes to […]

PAX Australia 2014: On the Expo Floor

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From live League of Legends matches, lots of titles to play from the major and indie game studios, and the occasional marching band at the Cards Against Humanity booth – the expo floor was the epicentre for most of the action at PAX Australia 2014. If you weren’t lucky enough to acquire a badge for this year’s PAX Australia, then you missed a ton of stuff – including the first […]

PAX Australia – Cosplay Part 1

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Day One of PAX Australia is done and dusted, with two more days to go – and like every expo, there is bound to be some people who dress for the occasion. For all three days, we will be featuring some of the more elaborate and well-done cosplay we saw on the ground while covering the show. Here is Part 1 of our Cosplay Photo compilation. We’re writing stories all […]

Pokemon XY trailer reveals Pokemon English names, gender differences and character customisation

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A few days back, scans of the latest Japanese CoroCoro magazine showed off the Kalos starter evolutions, a handful of new Pokemon and a whole lot of information on Pokemon types, moves and abilities. Today, the Pokemon company released an official trailer, revealing the localized names for the new announced Pokemon. Chespin evolves into Quilladin, Fennekin evolves into Braixen, and Froakie evolves into Frogadier. Paladin, Vixen and Brigadier, really interesting […]

Pokemon XY: CoroCoro scans reveal another Mega Mewtwo, more pokemon and starter evolutions

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Latest CoroCoro issue has been leaked, revealing more information on the latest Pokemon games X and Y, including Mega Mewtwo, Mega Garchomp, starter evolutions and new Pokemon. Always wanted a T-Rex Pokemon? A supersaiyan Mewtwo? Or what about a customisable poodle Pokemon? This issue also includes some game-changing information, such as dual-type moves and changes in type advantages and disadvantages. Mewtwo has two Mega Evolutions! The latest one is called Mega Mewtwo […]

Grand Theft Auto Online – 16 player insanity

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By the end of the five minute GTAV gameplay trailer, people were dying to see what Rockstar had in store for the game’s Multiplayer mode. Today, Rockstar have released a new video showcasing Grand Theft Auto Online the new multiplayer mode for GTAV, where you can basically do anything. From free-roaming, doing missions and activities, to battling it out in deathmatch or racing gametypes, and the ability to customize your […]

PAX Australia – Day Two and Three Cosplay

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Day Two was washed out thanks to the massive downpour of rain, so that’s why there wasn’t an article for the second day; so we’ve decided to merge it with day three. But regardless of the weather, it didn’t stop people go and dress up for the very first PAX Australia – and we’re going to showcase the best we saw on Day Two and Three. We’re still writing some […]

PAX Australia – Day One Cosplay

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Day One of PAX Australia is done and dusted, with two more days to go – and like every expo, there is bound to be some people who dress for the occasion. For all three days, we will be featuring some of the more elaborate and well-done cosplay we saw on the ground while covering the show. We’re writing stories all through the day and night during PAX Australia – […]

GALLERY: Majestic Map Pack

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Majestic Map Pack – the second of three Halo 4 DLC doesn’t release until the 25th of February, in the meantime, Halo Waypoint have released some new screenshots, showing off the three new small to medium maps Monolith, Landfall and Skyline. You can flick through these screenshots after the jump.

GALLERY: New screenshots of Halo 4

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E3 2012: Microsoft kicked off their E3 press conference with a preview of Halo 4, and while we’re sort of awaiting Microsoft to process the video of that so we could post it here, we also have the latest images from E3 of the upcoming game. The game is to be released on November 6 globally, and sees the return of Master Chief in a whole new adventure. This is […]

Dance Central 3 coming out late 2012, E3 screenshots released

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E3 2012: Getting Usher on stage to announce a new version of Dance Central 3 is on its way is one way, but here we love it when we have some images to show it off. The popular (it touts itself the No.1 Dance Game for the Kinect – it is one of two competitors, hardly an achievement) sequel to Dance Central 2 will go back into time with songs […]

GALLERY: Raspberry Pi Model B

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Around 3 months after the initial launch of the Raspberry Pi, we have finally got our hands on a unit. For me, opening the box was a big ordeal. What can I say, I’ve been waiting for around a year now! Babbling aside, here are some quick pictures of our piece of Pi. Enjoy!

GALLERY: EA releases Crysis 3 screenshots, concept art

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The upcoming game Crysis 3 isn’t coming out til 2013, but EA has released some concept art and some screenshots from the game. If you haven’t already heard, the game sees Prophet returning to New York, only to find it encased in a ‘Nanodome’ by the Cell Corporation. The screenshots and art can be found below, after the jump.

Microsoft unveils “Halo Infinity Multiplayer” for Halo 4

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Looks very cinematic, doesn’t it? Microsoft has unveiled the multiplayer hub for Halo 4, called Halo Infinity Multiplayer. The entire hub is based around the UNSC Infinity, and you’ll be able to create your own custom super-soldier, and progress your carrier throughout its own story. 343 Industries is taking a new approach with its Spartan Ops storyline. Released in a series of weekly installments via Xbox LIVE, it will intersect […]

GALLERY: Hands on with the iPad 3

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Well I got the opportunity to play with an iPad 3, so immediately I grabbed my camera and set to work. I do apologise for the poor lighting of the photos, and I intend on taking some nicer photos at a later date. But for now, enjoy what you have either already experienced, or just plainly don’t care about. Also, I took some screen-shots from both iPad 2 and iPad 3 so you guys […]

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