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Jeeves now a porn star… OMG!

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Remember the mascot for Ask Jeeves (now was retired in February 2006? Well, it was an end for an era, but he was thanked and received a special site at, where you can see what he was doing after retiring. But there is a reason why we are not linking it now. Apparently, the domain expired and someone picked it up. Unfortunately, that someone happened to make it […]

Woman “kills” “husband” over messy divorce in Maplestory

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A Japanese woman has found herself in the a prison cell and is facing charges of illegally accessing a computer and manipulating data after deleting her virtual husband’s user account after he divorced the woman suddenly. The 43-year-old piano teacher from Miyazaki travelled 620 miles to go to Sapporo – where her “husband” works. Police say that she accessed his log-in details on Maplestory and then proceeded to delete the […]

In Nigeria – HIV means “I Luv U” in SMS?

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You hear a beep from your mobile phone, saying that you have a new text message. You open it up and it begins with “I swear, I will make sure I give you HIV”. Not to sound insensitive, but HIV (in this story) does not mean what you think it means, and it is not an threat. The BBC is reporting that the message is a ‘romantic’ text message in […]

Oh the humanity, Vista crammed onto a PS3.

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We need to question this person’s sanity by emulating Windows Vista on a Playstation 3 – and we heard that it is not a pretty sight – and takes 25 minutes to boot up. Don’t forget to add the five minutes and thirty seconds to load the start menu and another twelve just to load the most basic, but yet ‘demanding’ application – Notepad. Running behind Qemu 0.9.1 – it […]

Spanish hacker jailed for sending out ex-manager’s private emails

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A Spanish hacker has been jailed for two years for revealing hundreds of private emails written by a former colleague; with those emails divulging details of his – the colleague – sex life. In what could be seen as the internet version of ‘Cheaters’, well to me at least, the hacker sent the emails to his colleague’s (who happened to be his boss) wife, his mistress and the mayor of […]

Will it blend?

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The guys from Blendtec did a video about bending stuff that you wouldn’t blend in your blender. This time, they used some various parts of the IT infrastructure. This included… Windows Vista Ultimate Mighty Mouse for the Mac A SUSE Linux plushie A USB Storage Drive Blades Various Computer Parts Dolls [Representing the users] Red Bull Here is the video…

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