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Microsoft is still crazy: meet the HoloLens

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“This is the world with holograms” wasn’t a phrase I was expecting from a consumer-focused Windows 10 event, though today, following a long conversation on the latest version of Windows, Microsoft introduced a product which sounds bat-shit crazy. And they call it the HoloLens. Basically, the HoloLens is a headset with features similar to the Occulus Rift, only instead of completely blocking our your vision with full worlds and using […]

Steve Ballmer loves his new job as owner of the LA Clippers

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Just under an hour ago, at the Clippers Fan Festival in San Francisco, Microsoft’s infallible ex-CEO, Steve Ballmer, took the stage. And by all accounts, he bloody loved the whole event. And who could blame him? The millionaire, already on-record as a lover of basketball, now owns an NBA team, the LA Clippers. With some quality Eminem blasting in the background (the quite appropriate track ‘Lose Yourself’), the charismatic figure high-fived every hand in sight, as cameras […]

New Australian startup lets lonely people hire a friend – for $60 an hour

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Yes, this is about to be a real thing. A brand new startup from Townsville, Queensland called “Friends for Hire” is about to open its doors – and as its name suggests, it will let those who are friendless hire a friend for “endless possibilities”. Well, except for one. According to Business Insider Australia, Friends for Hire is strictly for platonic relationships. “It’s definitely not a dating website. It’s for […]

This is the Pebble Steel

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As promised, Pebble has big plans for 2014, and it all starts today with the announcement of the Pebble Steel. Despite humble beginnings, with the original Pebble coming to life via a $10 million Kickstarter campaign, the company has today announced, via a CES keynote, that the Pebble is getting a premium big-brother, in the form of the approximately $278 AUD Pebble Steel. With the original now described by Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky […]

The sizzling smell of bacon… now a perfume?

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You must think we must be pulling your leg, but sadly (or not) it is true. Perfume maker Fargginay has created the bacon-smelling perfume, so those addicted to the sizzling smell can now wear it every day. According to the maker, each bottle has a slight smell of bacon with 11 popular essential oils. It will come in two smells – Classic (spicy maple) and Gold (citrus), both at US$36. […]

Hand warmers – now powered by USB

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Turns out, almost anything you can think of is now powered by USB – from blankets to slippers, all sucking power from your computer via that USB port. Well, now, turns out you can add hand warmers to that list of USB-powered items made from China. A store called Brando, and yes we have no idea if they are credible or not, are stocking these hand warmers that are designed […]

Man sues Wikileaks for creating “nucliar WAR” fear

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No, that isn’t a spelling mistake. That’s how he actually spelt it. David Pitchford, a Florida native, is suing Wikileaks for “treason” – which I thought was only limited to crimes against the state and not a man – and is also claiming the release has put emotional distress on him.

Man claims phone exploded in his ear

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Thought your phone can give you cancer? Well, guess what, your phone could potentially explode on you too. However, that is questionable. A man from Dallas, Aron Embry, has claimed that the Motorola Droid 2 exploded in his ear when he was trying to make a call. Embry had to get stitches in his ear, but he has no damage to his eardrum and has not lost his hearing in […]

Stepping on Pikachu’s tail will hurt a lot more

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Spending hours trying to get a Pikachu in those grass areas of the long-running Pokemon series? Well, you can now ditch your Nintendo DS as now you can build your own with LEGO blocks. And that is what Filip Johannes Felberg has done, posting his creations on Flickr. Right now, Felberg has made 36 Pokemon – including the one’s above (and for those not in the know, from the left, […]

USB hub lets you control your ports like a power board

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Ever got tired of pulling the port of an external hard drive for a few minutes but realise you have just messed up your configuration? Me neither, yet it is such a problem that Japanese electronics manufacturer Elecom has tapped into to make a USB hub that allows you to simply switch off the device from being connected to your computer, rather than pulling it out – just like a […]

Protect your brain with a… brain helmet?

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Yes, what you are seeing is a brain, and while we left you pondering with a brain cupcake for zombies, turns out it will protect your noggin as well. Don’t worry, it is all fake. Yes, this is just an image of a brain that has been stuck on a motorcycle helmet. There are also other styles in the series, including the Black 8 ball, someone’s bald head, a bum, […]

Play putty comes alive with a magnet

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Wow. That’s about all we can say. This gadget is truly AWESOME! Yes, I know, I’m showing off my inner child, but this is unbelievable (and yet, it is real). Say hello to the Magnetic Thinking Putty, and it is literally just putty with something special – use the included magnet and it comes alive! Well, it actually is just attracted to the metal. There is no living organisms in […]

Can you decypher the time on this watch?

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Believe it or not, this is actually a watch. No joke. Called the Zonal – and yes, I don’t even know what that means exactly – it is essentially a watch that depicts time in red segments of a squircle, or a rounded square. The top right one tells the hours, while the bottom left tells the time in increments of five. The bottom right tells the one minute increments […]

Tether your feet to your laptop with USB slippers

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From the same people that gave you USB eye warmers comes another way to tether yourself to your laptop. These are slippers that connect to that free USB port and warm your feet – though the manufacturer won’t call them slippers, but Hot Roomshoes (see URL). Though, it seems kind of redundant when you can have an electric heater in your room. It only comes in one colour (brown), but […]

Japan goes crazy over … eye warmers?

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  From the home of anime comes this, a USB-powered eye warmer and – as the title says – it basically warms his eyes up to 44 degrees. It supports USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, and because its a USB, you can use this on both a Mac and a PC. There is also a button where you can switch this on and off, so you don’t have to constantly […]

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