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Microsoft Sued for Trademark Infringement by Azure Knowledge Corporation

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Microsoft has been sued for trademark infringement and for passing off for the trademark ‘Azure’ by Azure Knowledge Corporation, or “Azure,” a leading IT Company who has worked with companies such as Bloomberg, Vodaphone, and Deutsche Bank. Azure Knowledge Corporation a leading market research solutions and global data collection provider, is headquartered in New Jersey USA, but the infringement is being filed in India. Azure Knowledge Corporation has stated that Microsoft deliberately used […]

Microsoft HoloLens is finally coming to Australia, pre-orders begin today

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Microsoft’s “mixed reality” glasses will soon be available to more people, with the folks at Redmond announcing today that six more countries – including Australia and New Zealand – will soon be getting their hands on HoloLens. From late November, developers (and those who seriously want to play with cool tech) from Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom will be able to buy the HoloLens exclusively from the […]

E3 2016: Xbox One Slim leaked ahead of E3

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Less than an hour before the first major conference of E3, and already there are a handful of leaks from EA and Microsoft. From KawabataSan on NeoGaf, we have confirmation that Xbox will be releasing a new and improved (and slimmer) Xbox One console. Codenamed ‘Edmonton’, the improved console will be 40% smaller than the current Xbox One. Including a 2TB hard drive, outputting 4K Ultra HD video, a new ‘streamlined’ controller and a vertical […]

Cortana comes to Australia in new Windows 10 update

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Microsoft has today announced that all Australians will now be able to use Cortana, the digital personal assistant on Windows 10 and competitor to Apple’s Siri. Previously, this feature was only available to those part of the Windows 10 Insider Program or by changing your settings to say you were from the United States. According to Microsoft, the Australian version of Cortana has been customised to include knowledge about the country, […]

Microsoft debuts its first flagship store in Australia

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Microsoft has today opened the doors to its first Australian flagship store in Sydney’s Pitt St Mall. The store will serve as the centrepiece to the Microsoft store experience in Australia and will offer retail and experimental spaces that allow consumers to get hands on new and exciting products. The store will also feature the “Answer Desk” which assists with technical questions, troubleshooting and repairs for Microsoft software, hardware and […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book now on sale in Australia

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The opening of its Australian flagship store at Pitt Street Mall is not the only big news coming out from Microsoft. Today is also the day when you can now finally get your hands on the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 in Australia. The Surface Pro 4 is the latest iteration of its Surface Pro tablet and features a 12.3-inch display and a sixth-generation Intel Core processor (Core i5 or […]

Gamescom 2015: Chat pad coming to Xbox One this holiday

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Announced at today’s Xbox Gamescom conference, a new chat pad peripheral for Xbox One controllers will be coming November 3rd (US) Similar to the Xbox 360 version, the chat pad becomes useful for messaging or web browsing, with a full QWERTY keyboard, backlit keys, and audio jack. But in this iteration, it includes audio controls similar to the Stereo Headset Adapter, two programmable buttons, and comes with a chat headset. […]

Microsoft to customers: even a child can upgrade to Window 10

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Source: The Verge Upgrading Windows, or any OS in general, can sometimes be a rough process. You never know if it’ll lead to your computer or phone being bricked, whether you’ll experience some sweet error codes or BSOD’s, or whether you’ll find older software is no longer compatible with the latest and greatest version of XYZ. But screw you for being careful, you buffoon, even a child can upgrade to Windows 10. So […]

MWC 2015: Microsoft accidentally reveals Lumia 640 and 640 XL before press conference

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Microsoft’s own press conference for Mobile World Congress doesn’t begin until 6:30pm tomorrow (Sydney time), but someone inside Redmond accidentally hit the publish button a little bit too early. They revealed that it will be announcing a the Lumia 640 and the 640 XL at its press conference. The post – now removed, but still available in Google cache – was first spotted by WinBeta. According to the rumours, the Lumia 640 […]

OneNote for Windows is now completely free

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Back in 2014, Microsoft took a big step forward with OneNote, a movement which was our first glimpse at the future for all of their Microsoft Office family. First they released a version of their popular OneNote service for Mac, as well as improving iPad, iPhone and Android versions. And the craziest thing of all? They released these apps with the sweet pricetag of free, while also making the previously paid OneNote 2013 similarly free for […]

Windows 10 Technical Preview opens up for some Lumia devices

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Microsoft is totally on a roll with their Windows 10 Technical Preview, today releasing an early version of the release for some Lumia devices. And while the version released today doesn’t yet include the new Spartan browser, there are plenty of changes at first glance, such as a new Calendar app, Mail app, preview Photos app, and a number of other tweaks to the notification system, called Action Center. The Start screen also […]

Microsoft is still crazy: meet the HoloLens

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“This is the world with holograms” wasn’t a phrase I was expecting from a consumer-focused Windows 10 event, though today, following a long conversation on the latest version of Windows, Microsoft introduced a product which sounds bat-shit crazy. And they call it the HoloLens. Basically, the HoloLens is a headset with features similar to the Occulus Rift, only instead of completely blocking our your vision with full worlds and using […]

Windows is now a service, latest release to become a free update for Windows 7, 8, and Phone users

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Windows is now a service. It’s done. At an event today in the company’s hometown, Redmond, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of OS, Terry Myerson dropped quite a bombshell. As he announced, following the release of Windows 10, the latest version of the operating service will become available to all Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users for free for at least a year following release. And, as well as that, he indicated […]

Microsoft challenges Apple and Samsung with “affordable flagship” Lumia 830

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Microsoft has announced what it calls “the most affordable flagship” device at its IFA press conference today. Called the Lumia 830, the company says that this device is going head-to-head with the flagship devices of Samsung and Apple by making the entire argument all around price. In other words, the Lumia 830 promises to deliver the same – or better – experience and performance at a lower price. Much of the […]

Nokia Lumia 930 – A Photographer’s Review

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Sometimes, lightning strikes twice. We’ve already had the chance to review the Nokia Lumia 930 as a day-to-day phone, and Stewart found the Lumia to be the best Windows Phone to date. However, I thought it would be worthwhile to take a deeper look at the phone from a photographer’s perspective – to see how Nokia’s vaunted reputation for mobile photography fares here.

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