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YEAR IN REVIEW: Microsoft takes a chance

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2012 was a year of refinement from Google and Apple, opting to make small changes to their flagship platforms of Android and iOS, as well as their device portfolios. Yet, almost shockingly, the opposite can be said for Microsoft, who instead launched the biggest change to Windows since its inception, as well as brought core redesigns of Windows Phone to market and introduced a competitive tablet OS that works on […]

APPLE IN 2012: The Tim Cook Era Begins

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Image: Valery Marchive/Flickr (CC) 2012 was the year when there was immense focus on Apple. Not because of its products, nor of the legal war that it was fighting with Samsung (and basically every single Android maker out there). It was because of its new CEO Tim Cook, who succeeded its long-time visionary Steve Jobs. Apple has had previously been without Jobs, after the board ousted him back in the […]

YEAR IN REVIEW: Governments vs the Internet

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In 2012, the Internet has been the centre of some of the most controversial laws that were passed, attempted to be passed or are in the works by governments. We started the year with SOPA and PIPA, American legislation that aimed to legitimised censorship to protect copyright owners; and ended the year with countries such as China and Russia getting the ITU involved in the regulation of the Internet. This […]

YEAR IN REVIEW: The Most Popular Posts of 2012

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It’s nearly the end of 2012, and now its time to see and find out what Google Analytics say were the top ten posts of the year (well, technically the 25th of December last year to the 29th December this year). We do this to see some interesting trends what you, our readers, click on our site – but also because there is this unspoken competition on the site. You […]

YEAR IN REVIEW: Don’t Feed The Trolls?

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In late August, a Twitter user posted “excuse me @MsCharlotteD on behalf of NZ we would like you to please GO HANG YOURSELF!!!”. It was vile, but would have been ignored by most celebrities. However, the actions of Charlotte Dawson soon created a media firestorm against trolls and Twitter in late August and early September. The tweet was in relation to comments made by Dawson, a judge on Australia’s Next […]

YEAR IN REVIEW: KONY 2012 – The Movement That Wasn’t

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On March 5, one video appeared from an unknown organisation. “Nothing is more powerful than a idea,” the video declares in the first five seconds. But, despite being 30 minutes long, the video’s main message captured many. They soon shared it to their friends on Facebook and Twitter. Then their friends shared it to their friends; and soon, it became a movement.