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DISPATCHES: Monash University shows that innovation isn’t tied to Silicon Valley

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Despite not having the gloss of a unicorn startup like Snapchat, or the media attention like Atlassian or Uber; Monash University wants everyone to know that they can be technology disrupters too. Last week, the university held its fourth annual Faculty of Information Technology Innovation Showcase. Hosted at Telstra’s Gurrowa Innovation Lab in Exhibition Street, it showed off some of the more interesting projects that the PhD students and researchers have been working on to […]

DISPATCHES: Wargaming wants to bring ‘Master of Orion’ to a new generation

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I’m not going to lie. I had never heard of Master of Orion before Wargaming emailed me about an interview opportunity with some of the Wargaming team at PAX Australia this year. However, I was interested in seeing the game because it was different to the World of Tanks/Warplanes/Warships that they are known for – and I dragged one of the TechGeek writers along to play the game while I did the interview. […]

DISPATCHES: Hands on with the HTC One M9

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Despite the fact that it was announced two weeks ago in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress, for many Australian tech bloggers and journalists (us included) it was the first time we got some hands on time with the HTC One M9 – the company’s new flagship device. To be completely honest, I was there for only one thing – the camera. HTC has been pushing UltraPixels for a couple of years, […]

INTERVIEW: Alienware’s Joe Olmsted about new Alienware products

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We interview Alienware’s Joe Olmsted, Director of Product Planning about the new Alienware products they have on display at PAX Australia 2014. We take a in-depth look of the Alienware Alpha, Area-51 Desktop PC, Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop and the Graphics Amplifier. The Alienware 13 and Graphics Amplifier are available to be pre-ordered now. Prices for the Alienware 13 start at $1,599 and $349 for the Graphics Amplifier. The Area-51 desktop computer starts […]

Senator Scott Ludlam visits PAX Aus, asks for help to kill govt data retention plans

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With only 24 hours notice, the Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam made an appearance at PAX Australia yesterday night. Holding a presentation and Q&A session at the Diversity Lounge, Senator Ludlam issued a call to arms and asked gamers to get involved in their campaign to stop the Abbott Government’s plans for data retention. Ludlam says that their main goal is to pressure the 25 Labor senators to […]

Dispatch: Oppo’s Australian launch

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Before this week I’d barely heard of Oppo, to be perfectly honest. Sure, I’d seen a few YouTube videos regarding their flagship phone (MKBHD’s video on the Find 7 springs to mind), and I’d read brief snippets of info from other tech blogs, but I’d never actually endeavoured to find out more about the Chinese electronics manufacturer. Apparently I wasn’t alone though, and to my surprise on Tuesday I attended an early morning event, or soft-launch as […]

Parrot’s new MiniDrones hitting Australia in August

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In a fun filled launch event today, Parrot announced their new MiniDrones – the Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo. With the sounds of flying, jumping and crashing (oh, and screams), Parrot announced that the products will be available from Australian retailers in August but pre-orders are being taken online from today. Chris Roberts, APAC Managing Director for Parrot gave a brief history of the company and when posed the question of […]

Nokia’s flagship Lumia 930 available from July 11

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The Nokia Lumia 930 is the newest edition to the smartphone market and Nokia’s flagship device for 2014. We’ve seen the huge phablets and Android devices coming from Nokia this year, however, there hasn’t been any information on flagship devices – well, it’s finally here. While Nokia Australia haven’t confirmed a release date, carriers have started releasing information of when it will be available. The Lumia 930 has a 5″ Full […]

Cadbury’s Joy Generator: We came for joy and all we got was this lousy block of chocolate

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It’s a cold, sunny Friday Morning in the Sydney CBD and what better way to spend our morning than to visit the Cadbury Joy Generator – a Facebook-powered chocolate vending machine. The machine uses your Facebook likes and interests to calculate your best match, whether it be Original, Fruit & Nut, Roasted Almond or Snack – the Joy Generator has 12 of the best flavours available. While it is an […]

Telstra announces national Wi-Fi network – two million hotspots in five years

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Image: Stewart Wilson/TechGeek Telstra has confirmed rumours that it will create a national Wi-Fi network called “Telstra Wi-Fi”. Scheduled to launch in early 2015, it plans to have two million hotspots across the nation within five years and will be available to all – irrespective if you are a Telstra customer or not. In order to create the network, Telstra will build more than 8000 hotspots across the country in social precincts and community […]

Hands on with the Moto E – Motorola’s newest smartphone

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I’m sitting in a little Italian café just outside the Rialto South Tower, having an informal meeting with a Motorola Mobility representative named John. He tells a waitress his order before asking me if I would like something. I politely decline, instead opting to drink the free water. I already had a cup of coffee beforehand. Having a one-on-one meeting with a company representative is very rare. Companies prefer to hold media briefings […]

On Location: Huawei Ascend G6 Australian launch

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It was a little hard to ignore the audible disappointment at Huawei’s Australian launch of the Ascend G6. Despite overnight news in Paris of the Ascend P7, a more high-end, 5-inch phone from Huawei, today a small gathering of Australian’s tech media were instead shown the Ascend G6, a phone originally exhibited in February at MWC. Though despite the unfortunate scheduling, the phone Huawei Australia flaunted today, while sort-of old news, was […]