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Everything we know about Sony’s PlayStation 5

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The Sony PlayStation 5 event starts in a little over 12 hours. As it draws closer, here is everything you need to know. The Incredible Specs Sony has already told us that the PS5 will support 8K graphics, 3D audio technology, ray tracing – something that has never been seen on a gaming console, and incredibly fast SSDs which will cut down on load times a lot – we’re talking […]

Sony’s new PS5 event set for June 11th

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The original PlayStation 5 event was scheduled for June 4th but was postponed following the death of George Floyd and protests against racism and police brutality happening around the world, has now been rescheduled for Thursday, June 11th at 4PM EST (or, Friday, June 12th at 6PM AEST) on Twitch and YouTube, announced by Sony today. See you Thursday, June 11 at 1:00pm Pacific time (9:00pm BST) for a look […]