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INTERVIEW: Alienware’s Joe Olmsted about new Alienware products

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We interview Alienware’s Joe Olmsted, Director of Product Planning about the new Alienware products they have on display at PAX Australia 2014. We take a in-depth look of the Alienware Alpha, Area-51 Desktop PC, Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop and the Graphics Amplifier. The Alienware 13 and Graphics Amplifier are available to be pre-ordered now. Prices for the Alienware 13 start at $1,599 and $349 for the Graphics Amplifier. The Area-51 desktop computer starts […]

HANDS ON: Train Conductor 3 brings new challenges, European locations, and curved tracks

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The game isn’t due for release until next year, but the Melbourne-based indie studio The Voxel Agents have shown off Train Conductor 3 – the latest title in the highly popular Train Conductor series. While it adds brand new locations and challenges, the fundamentals remain the same: create tracks to get trains on the correct line while avoiding any collisions. Train Conductor 3 has been redesigned and introduces several new things […]

HANDS ON: First look at Bethesda’s arena brawler, Battlecry

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Playable on the show floor was Battlecry, the upcoming free-to-play third First person brawler by Bethesda Softworks, which puts up to 32 players in a warzone, fighting for area control. The game focuses on team-based combat, combining fast-paced brutality and competitive multiplayer to bring you an interesting mix between Team Fortress and Smite. Following a cataclysmic world war at the dawn of the 20th century, the most powerful Empires left standing came together […]

PAX Australia 2014: On the Expo Floor

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From live League of Legends matches, lots of titles to play from the major and indie game studios, and the occasional marching band at the Cards Against Humanity booth – the expo floor was the epicentre for most of the action at PAX Australia 2014. If you weren’t lucky enough to acquire a badge for this year’s PAX Australia, then you missed a ton of stuff – including the first […]

HANDS ON: [email protected] features heavily at PAX Australia

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Microsoft’s recent push for indie development was on full display at this years PAX Australia. Whilst Xbox’s massive booth devotes a fair proportion of space to Sunset Overdrive, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the rest of the space is dedicated to indie developed games. The [email protected] space featured many locally developed games such as the popular Screencheat, and E3 2014 showcased games such Ori and the Blind Forest and […]

HANDS ON: Mortal Kombat X gameplay is more gruesome than ever

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Hidden away from innocent eyes, behind a black curtain, was the Mortal Kombat X booth, showcasing the game’s updated visuals and brutal gameplay. The demo gave us access to all announced characters including the two recently announced fighters Kano and Quan Chi. Mortal Kombat has always emphasised the blood and gore with each iteration, with MK9 being one of the drastic changes in the franchise in terms of 2.5D gameplay and visuals. MKX has […]

GIVEAWAY: Win one of five PAX AUS 2014 exclusive Smite skin code

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Love Smite, the free to play online MOBA, and didn’t have the chance going to PAX AUS this year? Today’s your lucky day. Thanks to Hi-Rez Studios, The exclusive skin is He Bo’s Sydney Shredder, where he trades his Chinese robes for something more fitting: a wetsuit and a crocodile. Note, this skin is currently not available within the marketplace, making this highly valuable. Be quick, the competition closes Wednesday, […]

HANDS-ON: Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U

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When I heard Super Smash Bros for Wii U was available at PAX AUS 2014, I was ecstatic given the long amount of time between the last installment of the series. In fact, my first article on TechGeek was about the impending release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and – in spite of the shoddily-written article (seriously it is complete crap!) – my level of anticipation was high. After playing a few […]

HANDS ON: Bonza shows that I can’t spell coz I’m Smrt

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A brief description of the Bonza could be a combination between crosswords and Scrabble, as player must make words from a set number of pieces. Although the game sounds simple by moving pieces until they connect, it is actually more difficult. While it easy to drag pieces until they connect, Bonza fixes this issue by only connecting piece if the right word is formed. So no lucky guesses people. I had […]

PAX AUS 2014: Hands on with Tesuro Keyboards

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This year at PAX Australia, TechGeek had the chance to try a few of Tesuro flagship mechanical keyboards.  Available at this year’s convention, attendees were able to view their Colada Saint, Lobera Supreme and their Tizona model. When trying each of the keyboards it was apparent that Tesuro caters for a wide range of gamers. For example, the Colada Saint is primarily made from aluminium – trading weight for sturdiness; […]

HANDS ON: Fight the Dragon isn’t always about the dragon

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Fight the Dragon can be described as the love child between LittleBigPlanet and Diablo 3. It combines the creativity freedom of LittleBigPlanet and the main RPG mechanics from the Diablo franchise. The game features four unique classes each with special traits, the warrior, the rouge, an ice warrior and a fire wizard. Players are able to have up to twelve different characters. The game does not a underlying story, just […]

HANDS ON: Primal Carnage: Extinction is the closest thing to Jurassic Park

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Primal Carnage: Extinction is an updated version of the original game: Primal Carnage, originally released in 2012. It’s a player-verse-player (PvP) multiplayer game which pits humans against dinosaurs in various gamemode. For players who played the original game, Extinction rectified many of the previous issues by updated graphics and improved controls, without compromising the gameplay. At launch the game will feature nine unique dinosaurs and five human classes that suit any […]

Aussie-made Phenomec to take on Oculus with VR Smartview Alpha

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When we all think “full immersive glasses”, we all immediately think of the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. But now, a local competitor has emerged and says that it has plans to make virtual reality more affordable for the masses. Meet the VR Smartview Alpha from Queensland-based Phenomec. However, unlike the Oculus Rift, they do not connect to your PC. Instead, you simply connect your smartphone. Why a smartphone? According to […]

Senator Scott Ludlam visits PAX Aus, asks for help to kill govt data retention plans

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With only 24 hours notice, the Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam made an appearance at PAX Australia yesterday night. Holding a presentation and Q&A session at the Diversity Lounge, Senator Ludlam issued a call to arms and asked gamers to get involved in their campaign to stop the Abbott Government’s plans for data retention. Ludlam says that their main goal is to pressure the 25 Labor senators to […]

HANDS ON: Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer brings back the nostalgia

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From the Astro booth to the console freeplay area, Halo is everywhere here at PAX Australia. Especially at the Xbox booth, where Halo: The Master Chief Collection is drawing quite a huge crowd for its Halo 2 anniversary multiplayer. Ashton and I got a chance to play a few games of the remastered multiplayer, with Zenith (Ascension), Lockdown (Lockout) and Shrine (Sanctuary) being the only maps playable. First off, the game looks […]