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First Look: Pikmin 3

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I was given the opportunity to play Pikmin 3 at PAX over the weekend and I was quite impressed. This was my first experience of playing a Pikmin game, not including Pikmin Adventure on Nintendo Land, and I am certain it will not be my last. To explain to all those out there who are not familiar with the game, it is set in a fictional universe based on the […]

First Look: Rayman Legends

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One of the games that I was most looking forward to spending more time playing at PAX was Rayman Legends. Having already played the exclusive Rayman Legends Challenge App on the Wii U, I was familiar with the way it works but still was amazed by how enjoyable it is to play, especially with 5 players. A simple explanation for those of who have not heard of it, Rayman Legends […]

First Look: Zombitsu

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The PAXAus Indie pavilion showcased a lot of local talent, and it was great to see Australian indie developers exhibit some of their projects. Zombitsu, created by Melbourne dev team Ruma Games, was one of the games that really stood out on the show floor, and I had the chance to try it out on the Ouya. You take control of Zombitsu expert, Hiro, as he journeys through the streets […]

First Look: Cargo Chaos

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One of the many games at the PAX Indie Pavilion, Cargo Chaos is a physics-based 2D puzzle game where players re-arrange different sized containers and crates on a cargo ship. Its up to the player to deliver as much cargo as possible, as the ship takes a journey to the next port. In Cargo Chaos, you play as the captain of a cargo liner with a sudden exodus of dock […]

First Look: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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The next game in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise is The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds; adding another story to the already confusing series’ chronology. The game is a sequel to the critically acclaimed 1991’s Super Nintendo game ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past’. However in terms of location in the series’ chronology is unknown. The game will feature a new gameplay mechanic that […]

PAX Australia – Day Two and Three Cosplay

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Day Two was washed out thanks to the massive downpour of rain, so that’s why there wasn’t an article for the second day; so we’ve decided to merge it with day three. But regardless of the weather, it didn’t stop people go and dress up for the very first PAX Australia – and we’re going to showcase the best we saw on Day Two and Three. We’re still writing some […]

First Look: Dread Chase

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Dread Chase was one of many indie games shown off the inaugural PAX Australia, and is a six-way directional space game based around defending your base from incoming attack against both military and alien threats. The game is fundamentally based off the navigation system which allows for navigation in 6 directions to tackle enemy threats. This type of navigation also allows for a larger capability to navigate the complex bases. […]

First Look: The Legacy of Barubash (Kactus Games)

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At PAX Australia Kactus Games showed their latest game The Legacy of Barubash and TechGeek was given an opportunity to play a small portion of the game. The Legacy of Barubash is top-down action-RPG game where the player commands Kaleb, a young hunter trying to save his wife and unborn child from an endless sleep. I had a chance to play the demo during PAX Australia with the CEO Kamil […]

First Look: Dynasty Warriors 8

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The latest game in the Tecmo Koei’s beat ’em up series Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Warriors 8 was playable at PAX Australia ahead of its Australian release. Dynasty Warriors 8 adds nine new characters and a multitude of weapons to the already large list. The game features a new mode called ‘Ambition Mode’ which players are an ambitious young officer trying to impress the Emperor. This mode will feature over 700 […]

First Look: The Forest of Doom (Tin Man Games)

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At PAX Australia, TechGeek had the chance to look at the latest story from Tin Man Games, The Forest of Doom, written by Ian Livingstone. The Forest of Doom combines the enjoyable choose-your-own adventure novels with basic tabletop role-playing mechanics. For those unfamiliar with the story, you are an adventurer fighting against the clock to recover the missing pieces of the legendary Hammer of Stonebridge. While the story of the game […]

Wargaming’s Jasper Nicolas: We are now here in Australia, working to add local server

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Wargaming is making a big push to Australia, with the general manager for South East Asia for Wargaming, Jasper Nicolas telling us, the company is working to establish physical servers in Australia and pushing for more eSports in Australia. “We’ve created our presence, we’ve shown you what we can do and I want to be able to do more,” Nicolas said. “So with Victor, our CEO, and me discussing about […]

First Look: Framed (Loveshack Entertainment)

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I’m not much of a gamer, so some of the big-ticket items didn’t really excite me. However, what really did was some of the indie games. I had a chance to play with Framed, developed by Melbourne-based independent studio Loveshack Entertainment; and I simply just can’t wait for it to come out so I can download it immediately. The story is told through several frames, and it does look much like […]

Indie Showcase: InFlux

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InFlux, developed by Impromptu Games, is a puzzle game that sees you as a metal sphere that has fallen from the sky, and you have to traverse a deserted island. It does things a little bit differently as it combines exploration and puzzle platforming: you have to find a way to escape an island, and solve a puzzle inside a glass box. Both are done in a slow pace, but […]

Indie Showcase: MacGuffin’s Curse

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MacGuffin’s Curse, by Brawsome, is a werewolf comedy adventure game. You find yourself as Lucas MacGuffin, a fugitive magician, who bungles up a museum robbery, traps himself inside, and now has the urge to scratch himself. You have to switch between the two modes – his wolf form and human form – in order to crack puzzles, find a way to escape from lockdown, and remove the curse. Both have […]

Indie Showcase: Black Annex

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Black Annex, produced by Man Fight Dragon, is an action strategy game around the world of corporate sabotage and infiltration. The player is able to manage the company’s resources before deploying them to steal, destroy, kidnap and kill – with all choices affecting the mission wherever it takes you. The style is an homage to some of the style of games that the developers played with a 2D isometrical layout, […]

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