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Guess what, a HD web camera.

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Since Skype has announced that it will support HD video during conversations, we thought it would take a year until we see a camera that would allow you to use this feature. Turns out, it wasn’t that long. FaceVision has announced a brand new HD camera called the TouchCam N1 camera. Simply connect the camera with the USB cable and there you go, 720p HD resolution video. No more pixelation […]

iPhone gets a QWERTY keyboard accessory

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We all know that typing on the iPhone is a big hassle, especially when your message is going to be very long – that, or you just felt like writing an essay on your iPhone via email. Now, there’s a new keyboard without jailbreaking or hacking it. Called the iType, it’s basically a QWERTY keyboard and has a dock station for your iPhone so it can connect to it. It […]

Intel brings app store to netbooks

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Intel has decided to follow in Android, Apple, Blackberry and Nokia’s footsteps in opening up an app store. This endeavour, however, will not be mobile phones, nor for laptops, but for the netbook laptops. Called the Intel AppUp, it will allow users to find, download and purchase software that would run fine on the Atom processor. Applications selected will run on either Windows or Moblin-based operating systems, but will also […]

LG brings out the Rumour Touch

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LG is bringing out the Rumour Touch (or, the Rumor Touch if you’re an American) to the US carrier Sprint, but you can also see this coming to other countries. The phone boasts a 3-inch touchscreen, 2 megapixel camera with video recording, a microSD card slot, 3.5mm standard headphone jack and a QWERTY keyboard, making it easy to type out emails or SMS messages with ease. It also has a […]

LG goes LED with new monitors

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Move over LCD, LED is starting to pick up. LG has announced that it will release the E50 Monitor series, which will become LG’s flagship monitor series for LEDs. Coming in 20-inch, 21.5-inch and 23-inch sizes, it features a new technology called “Dual Screen” that automatically divide the screen to view two programs at once – though you could do the same thing by the “Show Windows Stacked” function. The […]

Sean “Diddy” Combs, Dr Dre to sell overpriced earphones

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Dr. Dre has added Sean “Diddy” Combs to his headphone line, joining Lady Gaga, as Monster announced that they will be introducing the Diddy Beats pair of earphones. Sporting what they claim a “high-tech aluminium and leather-wrapped housing and high polished enamel” in a silver chrome and black finish, they will set you back US$179.95. It also features that little thing that control your music in your iPod and handle […]

Verizon, NVIDIA show off the ICD Vega

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Looks like tablets are really getting popular at the start of the decade – mainly because of the Apple rumours. Now, another company we have never heard of has decided to launch their own tablet. Called the Vega by ICD, it is a 15-inch touchscreen table that will have a T-Mobile UK SIM card inside so you can connect to their 3G network. It will also have Wi-Fi connectivity. The […]

DMC releases the OCEAN and TIDAL eBook readers

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eBook reader announcements are rolling in, especially when CES’s actual start day happened. DMC Worldwide, a company we basically never heard of (in Australia, that we know of), has announced that it will be releasing a eBook reader lineup known as the COPIA, and it will have two models – the OCEAN and the TIDAL (and yes, we also thought they were pretty lame names). The OCEAN is also subdivided […]

Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre help Bono with new headphones

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The (PRODUCT)RED line has the support of Dell, Microsoft, GAP and Apple; and now it will have the support of Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga as Monster able has announced that there will be a special edition of the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Anyway, the (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Beats Solo Headphones is a standard headphone with an integrated sound-isolation. It also will have a new feature call “ControlTalk” that […]

Intel announce WiDi HD

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Straight from CES, Intel have announced the WiDi HD. Working over wireless, you can stream your HD media to your television set via a HDMI connection. Your PC will need a Core i3, i5 or i7 processor together with the receiver box which will set you back $100. Intel demonstrated netflix from a laptop with Windows 7 streaming over to a TV. Netgear will be the first to provide the […]

Microsoft brings out Arc Keyboard

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Remember the Arc Mouse, that really cool and portable mouse that can be folded up for portability? Well, Microsoft has finally paired it up with the Arc Keyboard, released today at CES. It’s thin and like its brother, it is wireless and has a range of up to 15 feet. It also has a on/off button so you can preserve the battery, and a four-way directional pad, so the four […]

Dell updates Inspiron line

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After updating the Inspiron Mini line, Dell has brought out an update to the Inspiron 14, 15 and 17 laptops. The new laptops have been redesigned for “on-the-go media consumption” and have a new thin chassis, 16:9 HD displays and will have an Intel Core i5 processor that will start at US$849 and are available now. There will also be versions with a Core i3 processor that will start at […]

Dell brings out tablet concept

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Featuring a 5-inch screen and will be Android powered, Dell has released images of its new tablet concept. And that’s about it, virtually no details have been released other the first two – and that’s usual from all Dell product teasers. Why use a 5-inch display? We don’t really have an answer for that yet. But apparently it will ship later this year – according to the Direct2Dell blog. Gallery […]

Plastic Logic brings out QUE – and expensive

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We all knew it would be making the product announcement. Plastic Logic has finally revealed the QUE proReader, an eBook reader – though they claim it is so much more – that is super slim and is suitable to read newspapers thanks to its large crisp display. With 8.5 x 11-inch dimensions, it has signed up a number of newspapers, including the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fast […]

Alienware launches 11-inch gaming laptop …

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… because that is so possible. Well, now it is. This is the Alienware M11X. Alienware is known for their gaming laptops, and this is no different. According to them, it will demonstrate the power of a 15-inch laptop but it is not a 15-inch laptop. This is a 11-inch laptop and is a sub-US$1000 notebook. We don’t really know what is inside but all we know is that it […]

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