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Seagate brings out super-slim Seagate Seven hard drive for CES

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Celebrating 35 years of making hard drives, Seagate has announced at CES a brand new portable hard drive called the Seagate Seven. Featuring 500GB of storage and a thickness of just 7mm, the Seagate Seven is the thinnest portable hard drive in the world. The enclosure of the portable drive is all metal, inspired by the bare 3.5-inch hard drives produced by the company. Seagate is being quiet about the performance […]

Kogan takes a sub-$1000 4K TV to CES 2014, set to ship February

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Not one to let a lack of content get in the way of a movement, Kogan is currently showing off the first sub-$1000 4K TV available to Australian consumers at CES. With an 55″ LED display, 3840×2160 resolution, 4 HDMI ports, micro-SD card slot, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, it sounds great on paper. And not one to miss a trend, the TV also is technically a “Smart TV”, running Android 4.2, with Google […]

MakerBot announces three new 3D printers – for all shapes and sizes

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MakerBot is continuing its efforts in making 3D printing more accessible and affordable with the launch of three new 3D printers announced at CES earlier this week: the Replicator Desktop, the Replicator Mini, and the Replicator Z18. All of them now come with the ability to send your print jobs via USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi; and control them via the cloud with an upcoming app. The Replicator Mini is the […]

AMD is putting Android on Windows PCs too – just without the button

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While everyone is making a big deal about ASUS (and Intel) putting Android on a Windows laptop, we shouldn’t forget about AMD – they are also doing the same thing. However, instead of pushing a button to switch between the two, they plan on letting you run Android apps without even leaving Windows. AMD’s plan is essentially creating a virtual machine running Android, using Bluestacks’ App Player. However, this version […]

Razer reveals Project Christine – new modular PC concept that simplifies upgrades

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Razer usually showcases a concept at CES – for instance, the Razer Switchblade in 2011, and Project Fiona (that became the Edge) in 2012. This year’s concept is Project Christine, and it aims to make building and upgrading a gaming PC as simple and painless as possible. How? By making everything ‘modular’. Project Christine will let all users to configure their own PC – even if they don’t have any technical […]

Razer is making a fitness thingy too – introduces the Nabu smartband

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Yes, my suspicions were confirmed – everyone is working on wearable technology. The newest entrant in this space is the gaming headset and accessory maker Razer, who has announced at CES its new Nabu smartband. Like all other smartbands, the Nabu will track your fitness, sleep and location; and will push notifications from your phone to the smartband. However, notifications will be either on two OLED  screens – a public […]

Here’s what Samsung’s new ‘Magazine’ UI looks like on a smartphone

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TouchWiz, Samsung’s infamous Android skin, might be getting replaced, if a new leaked screenshot from @evleaks on Twitter is anything to go by. Yesterday, with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO and Galaxy NotePRO at CES 2014, Samsung also showed off a new UI for the tablet, called the ‘Magazine’ UI. With a slight resemblance to Microsoft’s Live Tile UI, the new look was more clean and modular than […]

Michael Bay mini-meltdown gets Taiwanese animation treatment

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I never thought I’d live to see a Michael Bay tag on TechGeek. And I also didn’t think that the mini-meltdown, seen during Samsung’s CES 2014 keynote, would be animated in classic Next Media Animation style so quickly. In case you missed it, in a traditional CES celebrity endorsement, Michael Bay, director of Transformers and other mindless action-blockbusters, had a mini-panic attack on stage when his autocue failed. Rather than “winging it,” […]

Sony wants you to log your life with SmartBand

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It feels like everyone is making their own fitness tracker these days – and Sony is one of them. The company has announced the SmartBand, which does the usual fitness tracking like all others. It will also notify you of your calls, and control media playback. It seems nothing special, right? However, what makes this interesting is where it fits in with a new vision Sony has for its SmartWare products […]

Sony announces the Xperia Z1 Compact – exactly like the Z1 but smaller

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Sony has today announced a brand new smartphone at CES that is based on the Xperia Z1. Called the Xperia Z1 Compact, the name pretty much describes what it is – the phone has the same hardware and features, but in a smaller package. It has the same quad-core 2.2GHz processor, the same 20.7-megapixel rear camera, and even the same amount of RAM and storage (2GB and 16GB respectively). And […]

This is the Samsung Ativ Book 9: lower-resolution screen, “14 hour battery”

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As well as tablets and TVs, Samsung has today announced a new 15.6″ model of the Ativ Book 9 at CES 2014. With a 1080p resolution, the laptop drops the previous Plus title, linked to a 3200 x 1800 resolution found on the 13.3″ model, in favour of a crazy “14-hour battery life”. As well as this, the model offers both an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, 128GB or 256GB […]

CES gold: Michael Bay’s autocue fails, he walks off stage at Samsung keynote

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Don’t be surprised if this is cut from Samsung’s CES Keynote replay… Michael Bay, director of Transformers and other action-blockbusters, was just on stage at Samsung’s CES 2014 keynote. And then he freaked out and left. There to promote the new curved UHD TV from Samsung, Bay obviously had issues reading an autocue, which was feeding him dialogue. Rather than “winging” it like he had hoped, Bay instead spiked the […]

This is the Samsung Galaxy TabPro and NotePro

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Samsung will continue to broaden its Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note tablet lineup in 2014, today announcing the Galaxy TabPro and Galaxy NotePro (pictured above) at their CES 2014 keynote. Available in three sizes, 8.4″, 10.1″ and, 12.2″, the Galaxy TabPro is the same as the Galaxy NotePro, apart from no stylus support. The Galaxy NotePro will also only come in a 12.2″ variant but with typical Galaxy Note features, such […]

Polaroid brings back the instant photo, with a modern twist

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Remember the old days of Polaroid – where you could take a picture and get it instantly printed out? I don’t. But that’s mainly because I probably wasn’t born yet. Well, Polaroid has announced a new camera that collides the old with the new – where you can instantly share your photos to your social media networks or printing them out. Running on Android, the Polaroid Socialmatic camera has a […]

Toshiba announces the first ever 13″ Chromebook

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Who said Chromebooks would never last? Toshiba is the latest manufacturer to throw its weight behind Chrome OS, showing off a 13.3″, $313 AUD Chromebook that delivers a familiar design with a more premium build when compared to Samsung’s current offerings. Spec-wise, the laptop has the typical 16GB internal memory, 2GB RAM, HD webcam, and 9-hour battery life we’ve come to expect with a Chromebook. Powered by an Intel Bay Trail chip, the […]

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