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Australian company Moos Audio brings out the Mini Aero – loudspeakers with lossless sound

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Another Australian company is at the CES show floor. Moos Audio, a company that does acoustic design and R&D work, have revealed their Mini Aero wireless loudspeakers. They promise to give you lossless, bit-accurate sound that exceed many high-end wired audio systems. Oh, and did we mention that they were recently made an honoree at the CES Innovations Award for High Performance Audio? Moos Audio says that how they manage […]

HAPIfork, the first “smart fork”, helps you lose weight – by making you eat smarter

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So, you may have missed this – probably not, given it has taken the web by storm – but a company called HAPILABS has introduced the world to HAPIfork, the world’s first “smart fork” that promises to help you lose weight by improving the way you eat. The fork has technology that will know how fast you are eating, and will give you gentle vibrations that don’t disrupt your meal […]

Mad Catz brings out new gaming accessories for PC, smart devices

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So, Mad Catz has announced some new gaming accessories for PC, Macs and “Smart Devices” – the S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 professional gaming keyboard, the R.A.T. M mobile gaming mouse, the F.R.E.Q. M headset, the M.O.U.S. 9 wireless mouse and the C.T.R.L. R wireless gamepad. And despite the abuse of full stops in its names for products (dear god, do stop), most of them include their new “GameSmart technology” which extend the […]

Samsung goes for eight cores with new Exynos 5 Octa processor

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Samsung’s CES keynote has been used to make some announcements – the most important of which is a brand new mobile processor called the Exynos 5 Octa. Why? Well, given that NVIDIA and Qualcomm spelt out their plans for 2013, Samsung – whose chips are also used, predominantly with their phones – don’t want them to have all the attention. The Octa has eight cores, using a concept from ARM […]

Behringer brings out OMNI, wireless audio system with AirPlay support

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Behringer has created its own wireless audio system called OMNI, that will let you create your own music experience through Apple’s AirPlay – allowing you to use any iOS device or iTunes to stream music across your network. The best thing – you don’t have to replace your entire audio setup. OMNI will let you ‘convert’ your existing loudspeakers or powered speakers to support OMNI. The OMNI System has two […]

iLuv brings out Bluetooth speakers with NFC, Wireless Charging

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Accessory maker iLuv has used CES to reveal its new speaker lineup – the MobiRock, the MobiAria and the Syren. All three speakers feature NFC support, making it easier to pair your phone with the speakers through Bluetooth without going through complicated menus. However, the MobiRock adds one more feature – it adds Qi wireless charging support. For those who don’t know what the Qi is – it is a […]

Panasonic’s Win8 Toughpad doesn’t have style, but will not break when dropped

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Panasonic has released a brand new ruggerdised tablet under it’s Toughpad line for businesses. A 10.1-inch tablet running Windows 8, the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 may not look as stunning as the Surface or the iPad; but, when you drop it, you’re not going to break the screen or make a dent on the body. Toughpad are said, by Panasonic, to be tested under the US Military’s MIL-STD-810G for drops, fluid […]

Kensington Proximo makes finding your keys easier

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Kensington announced a new device that allows you to keep track of your keys, bags and other things easily with Proximo. Proximo is an app-enabled monitoring system which lets your iPhone keep track of a range of things with the tap of a button. Proximo works via a Fob which you attach to your keys or bag and then the app allows you to track their location using Bluetooth 4.0 […]

Dell announces new 32GB model of Latitude 10 tablet – for under US$500

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Dell’s Latitude 10 tablet is about to get a brand new configuration that will see it hit just under US$500. The Windows 8 tablet, that runs on an Intel Atom processor, will now be available with a 32GB solid state drive – previously, it was only available as a 64GB tablet. The tablet is ideal for schools and small businesses – but still doesn’t stop you from personally getting it […]

Pebble announces it will begin shipping January 23rd

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Despite a few technical difficulties with their livestream, most visibly the fact that the Pebble CEO, Eric Migicovsky, had a blue face, Pebble finally announced the time it will take before backers and new customers can buy a Pebble smartwatch at a keynote from CES 2013. Starting January 23, shipment will begin worldwide, yet with 85,000 backers it will be staggered, meaning yours could come weeks after the first shipment. The company […]

CES Update – 9 January 2013

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Here’s out latest episode of CES Update for 2013. This episode we’re busy telling you about all the different products that have been released over today including the new super-cheap tablets from Polaroid, new cameras from Samsung and Nikon and much much more. Join Stewart Wilson, Terence Huynh and Chris Southcott for this episode of CES Update. Check out the video after the break and we’ll have an audio version […]

Huawei unveils it’s first Windows Phone 8 smartphone

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Huawei have today released their first Windows Phone 8 smartphone, the Ascend W1. It’s 10.15 mm thin and features a 4-inch IPS LCD touchscreen display. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor which is 1.2 GHz dual-core and has a 1950 mAh battery which boasts 470 hours of stand by time. According to Huawei, the stand by time is the longest among all other smartphones in its class. The design of the phone […]

Belkin unveil three new iPad cases to extend their current lineup

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Belkin unveiled their new Ultimate, FastFit and Convertible (pictured right) iPad cases today to add to their current range of iPad cases and keyboards. The Ultimate Keyboard Case features a sleek aluminum alloy base, TruType keys and intuitive battery control. The FastFit and convertible cases are both simple and cost effective case made to protect your iPad while being transported or while in your bag. The Ultimate Keyboard is by-far, Belkin’s best iPad keyboard available. […]

CES Update – 8 January 2013

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Welcome to the first edition of our CES Update video podcast. On this episode, we talk about the horrible Qualcomm press conference, the new Ultra HD televisions and more. We also give you a run down on all the early press conferences that Terence and Chris worked hard on bringing to you. Join Terence Huynh and Chris Southcott for this episode of CES Update – our first one for 2013. […]

Belkin announces NetCam HD Wi-Fi camera

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Belkin today announced the NetCam HD – a wireless networking camera that enables you to monitor your home in clear and detailed 720p quality. The NetCam HD is easily setup via the iOS and Android app and connects to your existing Wi-Fi router without the need of a computer. The free NetCam app allows you to monitor your home from anywhere and provides email alerts, with a full HD snapshot […]

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