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Heres how Twitter hackers did their huge $250,000 bitcoin scandal

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We know you couldn’t miss it. If you did, this week multiple high profile accounts, such as Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Kim Kardashian, and Apple, had their Twitter accounts hacked. But you really should not sent your bitcoins to this address. It all began with with a teasing message between two naive hackers late Tuesday on the online messaging platform Discord. “yoo bro,” wrote a user named Kirk. […]

Surprising Companies that Accept Bitcoins

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Which companies accept bitcoin? In the world, this question is considered to reflect the social status of the company. It can be considered reflecting both the business purpose, or the marketing purpose. Either way, Bitcoin is accepted as an authentic method of payment, and in the future there will probably be more. We have collected a list of companies that are currently accepting Bitcoin for products and services. We are […]

The WORST Bitcoin Ransomware Attacks in History

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Just imagine yourself at waking up on some random day and seeing all your data being corrupted with a pop up on the left side of your system arises quoting that you have to pay thousands of bucks to get the access of your own system back. As the time is passing the use of digital media has also been increased by attracting the users with numerous benefits and eye-catchy […]