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Terence Huynh is the founder and Executive Editor of TechGeek. While writing for a wide range of topics, he largely covers smartphones and social media. He is also a somewhat-compentent web developer and a politics junkie, often watching Question Time when he gets the chance. He is based in Melbourne, and studies Software Engineering at Monash University.


MyRepublic CEO: The ISPs “don’t want you to know they actually screwed you over”

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With the increasing amounts of consolidation amongst the internet service providers in the country, the Singaporean-based upstart MyRepublic believes it is the perfect time to launch to shake the status quo with its NBN plans – and force the incumbents to be more transparent about speed. “I think it’s perfect time… there’s a lack of competition, with the consolidation we’ve seen in the marketplace in the last few years – the latest being […]

MSI brings its VR backpack to PAX Australia, on sale now for $3599

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One of the biggest annoyances about virtual reality is that you are tethered to a machine or console that is plugged to the wall, so you are only limited to how long your cable is. At PAX Australia this year, MSI may have come up with a solution – by putting the machine on your back. Built in partnership with HTC, the VR One features an overclocked Intel Core i7 processor and […]

Telstra threat MyRepublic finally launches in Australia with super cheap, gamer-geared NBN plan

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Singapore-based ISP MyRepublic has finally announced today that it will be opening its doors to Australian customers on November 15, promising unlimited data and the “ultimate” internet experience for gamers and streamers – but only if you live in a NBN-connected area. They say that their MyRepublic Gamer internet plan are engineered to deal with the litany of issues that Australian gamers face when playing online, such as latency, connection instability, and slow […]

Twitter kills Vine

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Twitter has announced that it will kill off Vine, the video sharing site where users posted short, six second clips that made a ton of young people ‘famous’ on the internet. “Nothing is happening to the apps, website or your Vines today. We value you, your Vines, and are going to do this the right way. You’ll be able to access and download your Vines. We’ll be keeping the website […]

Apple’s newest MacBook Pro: all the details, and Australian pricing

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Early this morning, Apple confirmed what it accidentally leaked – that we are going to get a brand new MacBook Pro, and that it will dump all the function keys with a touch-sensitive OLED strip. However, that’s not all: Apple says that this iteration will be faster, lighter and thinner than its predecessor. The OLED strip – called the Touch Bar – adapts to whatever app you use. For example, the bar […]

DISPATCHES: Monash University shows that innovation isn’t tied to Silicon Valley

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Despite not having the gloss of a unicorn startup like Snapchat, or the media attention like Atlassian or Uber; Monash University wants everyone to know that they can be technology disrupters too. Last week, the university held its fourth annual Faculty of Information Technology Innovation Showcase. Hosted at Telstra’s Gurrowa Innovation Lab in Exhibition Street, it showed off some of the more interesting projects that the PhD students and researchers have been working on to […]

Microsoft HoloLens is finally coming to Australia, pre-orders begin today

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Microsoft’s “mixed reality” glasses will soon be available to more people, with the folks at Redmond announcing today that six more countries – including Australia and New Zealand – will soon be getting their hands on HoloLens. From late November, developers (and those who seriously want to play with cool tech) from Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom will be able to buy the HoloLens exclusively from the […]

Samsung may actually not know why the Galaxy Note 7 bursts into flames – report

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While the fallout from Samsung’s decision to suddenly stop production and sales of the Galaxy Note 7 continues, a new report from the New York Times suggests that Samsung still have no idea why the phone keeps bursting into flames – despite putting hundreds of employees to solve the potentially brand-destroying issue. After reports of the original Note 7s started spontaneously exploding, Samsung’s engineers were unable to replicate the problem. Because of a tight […]

Samsung kills the Galaxy Note 7

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In a drastic move, Samsung has today announced that it will stop all production of the Galaxy Note 7. The news comes after the Australian and US carriers halted the phone exchange program after reports of the replacement devices were also bursting into flames. In a statement, seen by Al Jazeera, the company said, “We recently readjusted the production volume for thorough investigation and quality control, but putting consumer safety […]

UberEATS extends to Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

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After successfully launching in Melbourne and Sydney earlier this year, Uber has extended UberEATS to Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth; attracting some well-known local culinary names to offer their food on the service. According to Uber, there will be 60 places in Adelaide, 80 places in Brisbane, and 70 places in Perth at launch. Names who have signed up to UberEATS include Jock Zonfrillo’s Blackwood Bistro in Adelaide, Ryan Squires’ esq. in Brisbane, and […]

Sex Party wants to have the same-sex plebiscite held online (if we have one)

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Put this in the very long list of horrible ideas suggested by Australian politicians that should never ever be implemented. The Australian Sex Party’s leader Fiona Patten is calling for the federal government to have the same-sex plebiscite held online, saying it is cheaper and claiming that it is now possible thanks to “modern technology and current leaps in cyber security.” “Countries like Estonia have successfully moved to complete internet voting where […]

Google showcases Google Home, its competitor to the Amazon Echo

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After unveiling the device at Google I/O earlier in the year, Google finally released more details about Google Home – its “smart speaker” for the home – at this morning’s press conference. However, if you’re looking at getting this device in Australia, Google currently has no plans to bring the device to you. Google Home will come packaged with Google Assistant, allowing you to ask questions and perform tasks just […]

Google adds 4K support with new Chromecast Ultra

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Google has announced this morning an update to its Chromecast lineup of devices, with the introduction of the Chromecast Ultra. The new addition includes support to stream 4K content, HDR and Dolby Vision content via Wi-Fi; and some performance changes that Google say make it 1.8x faster than the previous Chromecast. While YouTube and Netflix have 4K content for you to stream, Google also announced that it will be making Google […]

Google brings affordable VR to the masses with Daydream View

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Google has announced this morning that it will release a headset for its latest virtual reality endeavour, Daydream. Called the Daydream View, the newest VR headset promises to make VR affordable and more fashionable. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy VR headset, it requires a phone that is Daydream-ready. The Google Pixel already supports this, but they say that they expect more of its Android hardware partners will support Daydream in the future. […]

Google unveils Pixel – and shows off the potential of Google’s AI future

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Early this morning, Google has finally unveiled what has been long speculated in the tech press – the Google Pixel, its premium line of Android-powered smartphones designed and manufactured internally. With significantly better hardware than most of its rivals, the most interesting thing about the Pixel isn’t the hardware spec sheet. No, the interesting thing about Pixel is how it will bundle in all of Google’s work on artificial intelligence in […]

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