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Terence Huynh is the founder and Executive Editor of TechGeek. While writing for a wide range of topics, he largely covers smartphones and social media. He is also a somewhat-compentent web developer and a politics junkie, often watching Question Time when he gets the chance. He is based in Melbourne, and studies Software Engineering at Monash University.


“Your personal data stored with us is not safe”: Early warning alert service breached

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Screenshot of the alert An Australian early warning service has suffered a significant security breach, with customers receiving emails, text messages and phone calls that their personal data is not safe. “EWN has been hacked. Your personal data stored with us is not safe. We are trying to fix the security issues,” the message said. EWN has confirmed that the message came from the hacker and not from them. Early […]

Hello again

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Photo: Ash Edmonds/Unsplash It’s been a while. Sorry for the long and unexpected hiatus. I just needed a break from being a pseudo tech journalist. A really long break. And no, I didn’t go to public relations. The truth was that I needed a break because I was struggling to keep up with everything I had in my life. Maintaining a graduate job in a tech consulting firm, while running […]

BlackBerry is coming back with a new smartphone – with a keyboard

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Despite previous (and failed) attempts to revive the brand, TCL (yes, that company that makes TVs) thinks it can be the one that can restore it to its former shining glory. The Chinese manufacturer has announced at that it will be creating a new BlackBerry-branded smartphone that will see the return of the keyboard. And yes, you read that right. BlackBerry-branded. Last year, BlackBerry (the company) and TCL signed a licensing […]

Groupon Australia: move to Ireland is “business simplification”, not about tax

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Groupon has quietly announced to its users that will move all of its marketplace operations to its Irish subsidiary, Groupon International Limited, in order to simplify its business procedures with non-US customers. In an email, it said: Groupon Australia Pty Ltd will be transitioning operation of its marketplace and services. Groupon International Limited… will become the operator of www.groupon.com.au and marketplace effective January 18, 2017. Local vouchers, goods, and travel deals will continue […]

2G shutdown forces Melbourne Bike Share offline

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If you were one of the few people that used Melbourne’s bicycle sharing program to get around the city, you would have noticed the entire thing has been offline for the last couple of days. Well, turns out, the 2G network shutdown caused some “technical glitches” in their system. According to the ABC, the bike share stations relied on the 2G network to send back information to its systems and – […]

Vic Minister of Innnovation Philip Dalidakis throws some shade at StartCon

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It was inevitable that StartCon was going to be brought up when Philip Dalidakis, the Victorian Minister for Innovation, came up on stage at this year’s Future Assembly. For those unaware, StartCon is this massive startup conference organised by Freelancer in Sydney. In 2015, the Victorian Government announced that it “poached” the event and that it will be hosted in Melbourne for a couple of years, starting in 2016. It was […]

This LastPass bug could reveal your password on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

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If you happen to use LastPass and have the brand new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar, then we suggest you avoid using the macOS app for the time being. Why? You could be at risk of revealing your master password when logging into the service. In other words, you could accidentally reveal the password to access all your passwords. And yes, that is very scary news indeed. First revealed by […]

HANDS ON: It’s all about co-operation in ‘The Incredible Journey of You and I’

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At PAX Australia, when we go and play demos of the games on the show floor, they usually require one person. The Incredible Journey of You and I, however, required you to have two people to play the demo. And because no one from TechGeek was around at the time, I asked a random stranger to help out. Now, it should be pointed out that the game does have a single […]

HANDS ON: Mining boom is over, and you have to battle your way home on ‘Ticket to Earth’

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The mining boom is over, the one percent have profited and have left, and the colony of New Providence is to be shut down by the administrators. But with only one Earth-bound ship about to depart, and everyone is fighting for a ticket to escape the planet – your mission in Ticket to Earth is to fight for justice. Ticket to Earth, developed by Melbourne-based studio Robot Circus, is a mashup between a sci-fi […]

HANDS ON: Battle in your undies with ‘Brief Battles’

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Brief Battles, as the title suggests, is a fast-paced 2.5D platforming multiplayer game that sees you and your friends battling out for supremacy. Your weapons come from whatever underwear you find on the map and use – such as toxic goo pants, flaming hot tightie whities, and “buns of steel”. Given the fast-pace nature and each round is usually one minute long, gameplay is simple. You essentially mash buttons to […]

HANDS ON: Find out who you aren’t in The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti

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When someone asks me if video games can be art, I will definitely be pointing them towards The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti. Developed by the Melbourne-based studio Beethoven & Dinosaur, the game can simply be described – by one person in the team to me – as “‘if David Bowie was reincarnated as Ziggy Stardust.” The game revolves around Francis Vendetti, a folk singer who is the nephew of folk music […]

HANDS ON: Can you mash buttons (and dance) the fastest on ‘Western Press’

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Can you beat your friends in a western-style duel by pressing a random string of ten buttons the fastest? That’s the challenge from Western Press, a new multiplayer game from the Melbourne-based Bandit-1 and distributed by Surprise Attack Games. Like many quick-fire multiplayer games we’ve seen at this year’s event, the gameplay in Western Press is very simple. You and your friend have a duel. You and your friend press a […]

HANDS ON: Use glitches to manipulate the world in D3BUG

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While most indies are showing titles that are near completion, there are some that are showing games that are a long way from completion – which makes it harder to write about. One such example is D3BUG, a new game from Perth-based development studio Stirfire Studios (who also created Freedom Fall). D3BUG is a cyberpunk-inspired platformer where you have to go from point A to point B, avoiding any obstacles and monsters […]

HANDS ON: Mallow Drops wants you to twist the world to save eggs

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I’m always a sucker for puzzle games at PAX Australia, so when I saw Mallow Drops (by Sydney-based development studio Gritfish) at this year’s PAX Rising section – I knew I had to go and try it out. I’m glad I did. And it’s not because they had marshmallows at their stall. Mallow Drops is a combination of a platformer and a sliding block puzzle game, and the gameplay is very easy to […]

HANDS ON: F–k the Game will mess with your mind (but just don’t say fuck)

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For the past few years when covering PAX, we’ve never really ventured outside the video games section and covered the tabletop gaming section. Well, given the fact that PAX has now given it more prominence at this year’s event – we decided to take a look at what’s available. And one of the games that caught my eye was F–k the Game. It was probably the provocative title, but I am […]

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